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June 28, 2012

David Goffin


D. GOFFIN/J. Levine
4‑6, 6‑4, 6‑1, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Congratulations on your win today.テつ How would you assess your Wimbledon so far?
DAVID GOFFIN:テつ Yeah, it was a match not easy today.テつ I didn't start very well.テつ I was a little bit nervous because on the paper I was favorite, but it's never easy to manage a match like today.
Yeah, I'm feeling good.テつ I'm really happy to turn this situation in my favor.テつ Yeah, I'm really happy to win today.

Q.テつ There has been a lot of talk about obviously your performance at Roland Garros against Roger Federer.テつ Suddenly people are looking at you and suddenly you're a name.テつ Does that change the way you think about things and approach matches?
DAVID GOFFIN:テつ Yeah, maybe, but now Roland Garros it's behind me, and I just take the confidence from Paris to play here, and, yeah, I'm feeling good.テつ Now maybe, yeah, I'm here with a lot of confidence and we will see the next round.
I continue in the tournament.テつ I'm feeling good on grass now.テつ I say Paris is behind me, and we will see.

Q.テつ Is grass a surface that you have played on quite a lot as a youngster, or is it something that you're still learning?
DAVID GOFFIN:テつ I didn't play a lot on grass.テつ Just played a few matches in junior and quallies last year, but I'm feeling good on grass.テつ My game, I can play aggressive.テつ Yeah, I can play a good game.テつ I can do a lot of good things on grass.テつ We will see next round.テつ Maybe I can do another good performance.

Q.テつ Obviously the top 4 in men's tennis is cemented.テつ Those guys are very established.テつ Then there's obviously other players like Del Potro and Ferrer, but then people are looking at a new generation and your name has been tipped as one of the new generation, one of the new kids on the block.テつ Do you see yourself in that role?テつ Do you think you can actually go on?テつ Where do you set your sights?
DAVID GOFFIN:テつ This week I'm 66.テつ With this result, I'm probably not far from the top 50.テつ I'm working to be near the top, but I'm still working and I have a lot of ‑‑I have something to work in my game, a lot of things to do to improve my game.テつ I try to do my best to go on the top, but it's not an easy way.
But I'm with a lot of confidence, and we will see.テつ Maybe we see at the end of the year which ranking I have.

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