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June 29, 2012

Paul Waring


Q.テつ What's it like to be in this position?
PAUL WARING:テつ Yeah, it's nice to be back.テつ Started really nice.テつ I putted nicely all day.テつ I had a great middle section, holed a little chippy 6‑iron from 130 on 15 which was nice.テつ To be honest, didn't play great the last three but happy to get in the clubhouse really.

Q.テつ Two eagles in one round, lovely score halfway.
PAUL WARING:テつ It was a nice putt in on 10 off the back of the green, so it was a good 40 feet really.テつ Like I say, holed a nice shot.テつ So always nice in the second round.

Q.テつ Does it surprise you, given the length of time you've been out?
PAUL WARING:テつ I wouldn't say it surprises me.テつ It's nice to be back and being in that position.テつ I've worked hard while I've been away and stuff, so there's no reason why I shouldn't be shooting scores.テつ But I suppose mentally, there's no expectations and no worries and it's such a laugh out there that it's great fun.テつ Really enjoying it.

Q.テつ We'd better go into the details.テつ What was wrong?テつ What was the reason you were out for so long?
PAUL WARING:テつ I had a wrist injury, a piece of bone that didn't stop growing, and because of that, took a little bit of time to settle down.テつ But then I had a few back problems, as well, so that's where the 14 months came from in the end really.テつ It's been, I wouldn't say a boring 14 months; it's been a weird 14 months being away from this sort of place, and it's so nice to be back here.

Q.テつ Were playing with a bit of an injury for a while, if memory is right?
PAUL WARING:テつ I had a few little niggles, a few shoulder niggles along the way.テつ Nothing to do with right wrist.テつ Right wrist has always been okay really.テつ I just break easy.

Q.テつ So how did you break?
PAUL WARING:テつ I don't know how it happened.テつ It was just a piece of bone that didn't stop growing apparently or something like that.テつ Not too sure.
I ended up going to see a specialist down in London.テつ She was absolutely fantastic.テつ Going to see her, it just took so much time for it to get any better.テつ She gave a great diagnosis post‑operation.テつ So working closely with her, she got me back to where I need to be really.テつ So I can't thank Catherine enough basically.

Q.テつ Does this mean you're a wise man and you've waited until you're absolutely fit to come back and you haven't rushed it?
PAUL WARING:テつ This is the earliest I could have got back out.テつ I've been dying to get back out here.テつ I've been bored out of my head, so as soon as I could get out here, I could. テつI just didn't want to rush it and get out here and if I wasn't 100 per cent fit and risk re‑injuring it and going through that rigamarole.テつ I didn't want to shave any time off the end of my career by rushing it.テつ Just make it as 100 per cent as good as you can get it and get back out here.

Q.テつ Special one to come back?
PAUL WARING:テつ Yeah, it's been absolutely brilliant.テつ I have a good friend on my bag, we were coming down on Tuesday, arriving at the course and he's quite chatty.テつ He gives quite a lot of banter, and coming down and he just was quiet as a mouse seeing all of the people, he went really into his shell.テつ I asked him for a yardage, and I've never stumped him so much in my life.テつ I think he had trouble adding two plus two.
But he's been fantastic the last two day, I can't thank Jamie enough, and he's been spot on really.テつ He's one of those people that just especially in these conditions with the rain and wind, he can make you laugh in anything.テつ He's spot on.

Q.テつ Was there a moment where you thought you had done something serious?
PAUL WARING:テつ Well, basically I hit a shot on, I think it was the 8th at Wentworth, this is over a year ago now, and just a shooting pain down my arm, like a cramp, and I had not even hit bad shots or anything like that.テつ I didn't have a clue what it was.テつ Couldn't play.
Came in and over a period of hours‑‑ I hit the tee shot down 8, and that hurt.テつ I hit pitch in to 8, and that hurt.テつ And then I hit driver down 9 and I was just like, no, I can't do this.テつ I was playing lovely, as well.テつ I was a couple under through ‑‑ and then had to pull out, which was annoying.テつ But better now, so quite happy.
Didn't play and went to get an MRI, diagnostic ultrasound as well, and then a few weeks later, literally booked in, operation done, trying to get recovered.テつ I think there was a chance of looking into it a bit more and they gave the option of do you want to be operated on, and I said, yeah, if it's going to stop.

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