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June 29, 2012

Gregory Bourdy


NEIL AHERN:テつ Thank you very much for coming.テつ Gregory poor day is now the out ride leader of this tournament.テつ You said yesterday it was probably the best round of your European Tour career.テつ How does this one compare?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Not too bad.テつ Not too bad today.テつ Yeah, yesterday was amazing.テつ I played minus seven and I missed a few, not very far, but not far, but to make birdies.テつ Yeah, it was amazing.テつ I played so well, and it's not easy to start the second round after playing how played yesterday, after minus seven, it's never easy.
But yeah, I tried to start very well, and I did it, and made very early a few birdies.テつ Yeah, I felt great, again, today, but the course it was a bit tougher.テつ The wind, it was blowing harder, and yeah, I missed maybe two or three shots and made two bogeys, but I stayed confident and I stayed in the present and I made a good birdie on 17.
So yeah, very happy to play minus five again today.
NEIL AHERN:テつ I heard you mention outside it's a little bit like the British Open or an Open Championship; does it feel like you're leading a major in some ways?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Actually, I don't have to think about that.テつ As I said, it's a small British Open as you can see everybody on the course, it's a great atmosphere.テつ Even if the weather is bad, the crowd is here to support us.テつ Yeah, just great to play in that condition on a course like this, one of the best things maybe in the world.
So, yeah, I'm just enjoying the moment and I try to play like this on the weekend.
NEIL AHERN:テつ In the context of your year, a little bit up‑and‑down, is this maybe turning a corner a little bit?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Yeah, I didn't play so well at the start of the season, but I made a few good rounds, but I'm waiting to play better, and this week, yeah, I will try not to think about the rest, but the future, I would like to just enjoy this week.テつ It's a wonderful week.テつ This week started very well on Tuesday, because I played with Darren my practise round on this course.
Yeah, Darren has been great with me, he gave me a lot of advice, and maybe that gave me some confidence for the week, I don't know, but that's helped me for sure.

Q.テつ What experience have you got on playing links in the past?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Actually, when I was amateur, I lost in the semifinals in the Scottish Youths, so I enjoyed very early the links courses.テつ And the favourite time I played on links courses, I love this.テつ I love the challenge, because you have to do everything well.テつ You have to be ready mentally, physically, and get a solid swing.
Well, I played, if I remember, I started very well in Carnoustie when Pテδ。draig Harrington won.テつ I was at the same score after two rounds as he was.テつ Yeah, I played good a few times.テつ I didn't finish very well once but yeah, I feel great.テつ I hope this weekend is going to be, yeah, my best week on links courses.

Q.テつ What advice did Darren give you that's been particularly helpful over the last two days?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ I'm going to keep this for me (laughter).
I think because he knows very well the course, so on every shot, he gave me an advice, so it's great.テつ Not many players will do that, so I asked a few times, yeah, how he played a shot.
But actually, because of the wind, also because the wind is very different here, so yeah, he gave me some advice.テつ And in the evening I saw him one more time to know a few things about the end of the course.テつ But nothing special, nothing in general to say.

Q.テつ Can you say how many shots you think the advice he gave you saved you?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ I don't know.テつ Difficult to say.テつ It was good for the lines on the tee shots, but after just two or three times you play on the course, you can see better to know exactly the way you have to play.テつ He told me even if you can see it, he told me where to miss a shot. But play like him many times on this course, you understand and you hear what he is saying.

Q.テつ Did it just happen that you played with Darren, or did you seek him out in the clubhouse and arrange a time?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ No, actually just on the tee box I saw him.テつ He was with Richard Finch, and I just asked if it was possible to chat again with him with my French friend also.テつ So we played four‑balls the first 11 holes.テつ He is with the same manager as me, so I think that's helped me, also, to get a right answer maybe.

Q.テつ That 15 birdies in two days‑‑
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Maybe 13 and an eagle or something.

Q.テつ Either way, it's pretty good for anyone's standards.テつ What is it about Royal Portrush that suits your eye in particular and what parts of your game are working particularly well this week?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ I think my irons are very good this week, and especially today, again.テつ Yeah, even if I missed a few putts yesterday, my putting is very solid.テつ I don't know, I changed the putter the beginning of this week.テつ It was the first time I played with this one.
So, maybe, yeah, I change a few things in my putter, a few characteristics, and my stroke, also, it's a bit different.テつ So that's why maybe I put a bit better.

Q.テつ Le National, which I assume you're playing next week has the look of a links, but is it totally different from what you've experienced here, or will this help you for the French Open?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Yeah, to play good on links courses like this, like Royal Portrush.テつ Yeah, I think even if I play in America on a different course, because you have to play very strongly, very solid.
So even if it's a different course, but will he national, it's not really links, but it's maybe similar as a links, not really a target golf course.テつ So yeah, for sure, it's going to help me a lot for next week.

Q.テつ Which tournament would you rather win, if you were to be given the two, would you want to win your own one?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Difficult question.テつ For sure the French Open is my favourite tournament after the Majors.テつ But when I came this week, yeah, it was exciting to play Royal Portrush and to see the field, also; all of the Irish guys are here.テつ So I was excited to play for sure.
So, yeah, I'll take both.

Q.テつ With so much support for the four Irish players, do you feel like you're gate crashing a private party?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ (Chuckling) Well, actually, I don't know how they are playing, but the crowd is great.テつ It's like in the British Open.テつ I love the atmosphere because the crowds are clapping for every player, and no matter if you are French, Spanish or Irish; it's the same for every player.テつ They know golf and they respect the game, and when you play good shots, they are clapping I think almost everybody the same.テつ So it's great to see it.テつ It's different at every tournament and we appreciate a lot.

Q.テつ Have you been worried about your form this season, or at least your results, anyway?テつ How do you view it?
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ I think it's not easy to play very bad or very not what you expected.テつ But it's golf.テつ Golf is so difficult.テつ We never know what is going to happen.テつ You never know.テつ Maybe you can win a tournament.テつ Two years ago I didn't miss one cut during 12 months, and the year after I missed more than ten cuts.
So you have to keep going, keep practising, and don't think about the rest.テつ But for sure, you have to improve your game and you have to ask yourself good questions. テつBut no, not too worried.

Q.テつ (Is it the putting that's been the key or your short game) ‑‑
GRテ窶ーGORY BOURDY:テつ Yeah, my short game, my putting for sure was not good, so I improved a lot this week.テつ But I think maybe it's about my new stroke or my new putter.テつ They are not the same brand; I play very good the irons, the woods, everything is good.テつ You have to play very good here on this kind of course.
NEIL AHERN:テつ Thank you very much, Grテδゥgory.テつ Well played and play well for the weekend.

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