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June 28, 2012

Andre Drummond


Q.  André, if you can start with some opening comments about being drafted by the piss sons.
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† Speechless, really.¬† It's a great opportunity for me.¬† It's a dream come true, growing up as a little kid hearing my name being called and shaking David Stern's hand.¬† I just feel great.

Q.  Talk about how you're looking forward to play with good, young players like Brandon Knight and how you'll grow together?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† I know we'll build a great team chemistry right away.¬† It's a great organization and the fans are great up there.¬† I just can't wait to be a part of the team.

Q.  Do you see yourself as the center on the team or is Greg Monroe the center?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† I see myself wherever coach puts me is wherever I'm going to work my hardest at.

Q.  Not sure how much you even paid attention to all of the talk this week or what your agent was telling you all week.  Is this now just a sense of relief and pretty emotional?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† Yeah, I mean, I talked to Detroit; I actually worked out with them the day before the Draft actually and they told me they liked me a lot and if I was still there, they would definitely take me.¬† The 8th pick went by and they were right up, and I just broke down in tears because I knew I was going to get called next.

Q.  You said Detroit worked you out the day before and others have said the teams didn't work them out at all.  Is there any rhyme or reason on this?  Trying to figure out if the workouts mean anything?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† Every work out means everything because you need to go out there and showcase yourself to a team.¬† Sometimes you might not be a position they are looking for but it's always good to take a look at you.¬† Every workout means something to me and I'm sure it means a lot to every other player that went to workouts, as well.

Q.  Talk about what's the one thing you feel that you have to address quickly as you arrive in the NBA?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† With the help of my teammates, lift the organization and the family out there; all the talk about my not playing hard is going to be put to rest immediately.¬† I'll have my teammates who are my brothers now to push me and I'll put that to rest and the rest of the game is going to be great because they have a great coaching staff out there, as well‑‑ he's going to help me rebound; rebound, box out.

Q.  How long do you think you need to make an impact in the NBA?  You're young, obviously, do we have to be patient with you a little bit?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† I think I'm not going to try to force anything too fast.¬† Just do whatever Coach tells me to do and wherever he puts me is where I'm going to play and I'm going to work my hardest and I'm going to give it my all every single day.
I think when I do come in, I can definitely make an impact on defense, run the floor really well and grab rebounds and block shots.
Offensively is what they are going to work on me with, and it's definitely going to come to me.

Q.  You were very emotional on the stage; what was going through your mind at that point?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† It's just a sign of relief.¬† My mom was holding my hand throughout the whole Draft and she was like, we're here, be patient, your name is going to be called soon.¬† As soon as Toronto went by and Detroit came up, I started breaking down because I thought about all of the years I worked hard and all of the struggles I went through playing basketball; just everything I went through, and just being here today, hearing my name being called is the greatest thing in the world.

Q.  Did you expect to go sooner?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† I didn't look at myself as being a top pick or anything like that.¬† I just looked at it wherever I was going to go I was going to work my hardest, doesn't matter wherever you go, one, two, three, four, five on the list; whenever I go, I'm going to work my hardest.

Q.  On a lighter note, are you looking forward to competing in the Dunk Contest?
ANDR√Č DRUMMOND:¬† Absolutely.¬† Definitely I'm going to compete in the Dunk Contest (smiling).

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