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June 27, 2012

Ivo Karlovic


6‑4, 6‑4, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Must have been frustrating to be so close and have to wait for quite a while to finish it off.
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Yeah, but you know, this is how it is over here.テつ I was ready for it.
But, yeah, it wasn't easy because I was already leading and then we had to stop again and again.テつ Then I was also a little bit nervous because, what if I lose now this set?
But in the end it all was okay, so...

Q.テつ Can you upset the Wimbledon crowd tomorrow and beat Andy Murray?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Sure (smiling).

Q.テつ You've played him a few times in the past.テつ What makes you think you can win?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ I don't know.テつ Because if I don't think so, you know, I can leave right now home.テつ That's why.

Q.テつ Were you surprised how easily he beat Davydenko?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Honestly, I didn't even know the score or I didn't even watch the match.

Q.テつ How does it feel to end a match with an ace?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Well, always when I hit an ace it's a nice feeling, so I liked it.

Q.テつ Obviously people talk a lot about your serve.テつ Do you ever feel you don't get credit for the other parts of your game sufficiently?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ I don't know because, you know, for like every guy it isn't easy to know the difference between good slice or like...
Everyone is always focused on my serve, but I think I that I can also play well everything else.

Q.テつ You know your serve best.テつ How is it operating at the moment?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Yes, I'm confident on it and I feel good, so tomorrow hopefully it will be good match for me.

Q.テつ Maybe you don't want to answer this question, but who would you say are the best players at returning your serve?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ At returning my serve?テつ I aced everybody, so I don't know who would I pick.テつ (Laughter.)
Maybe Petzschner at Davis Cup last year, or it was two years ago, and was unbelievable returning.

Q.テつ You've had some great results here, especially in 2009.テつ How would you say your form compares to then?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Now I am little bit older.テつ I also had injuries:テつ back, knee, heel, shoulder.テつ Maybe I don't know, but I feel good at the moment.テつ Everything is fine now.

Q.テつ Is there anything you can learn or take from a win today into the next match?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Yes, I can learn that if it's raining, it will rain hours.テつ That's what I learn.

Q.テつ The world record that you had, do you feel you still have it?テつ There is such a huge gap.テつ Somebody's taken it from you, and there is such a huge gap, 160‑odd, do you think you maybe have the official record, or maybe that was a strange one?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ That was at a challenger, so I don't know if ATP count that as a record.テつ If they do, which is fine, then I would also like to have in 2007, I aced 1,318 aces, right, but I also had 200 aces on challengers, which then it also have to be counted.
So it is either/or.テつ Either I am the fastest or the most aces in a year, so...

Q.テつ You seem to quite enjoy having a laugh on Twitter.テつ Is there a certain type of comedy that you like?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Yes.テつ I mean, I like comedy.テつ I try to write as much BS as I can.テつ That's my goal.

Q.テつ You must be looking forward to playing under the roof or having the roof if it rains.テつ Is Centre Court one of your favorite courts?
IVO KARLOVIC:テつ Well, if it's roof on, yeah, that's for sure.テつ It should be roof on all the courts always.テつ Everything should be indoors, I think.

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