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June 28, 2012

Gregory Bourdy


GREGORY BOURDY:テつ It was a lovely day, maybe one of my best round I've played this year for sure, and for maybe even maybe two years or three years.テつ I've played‑‑ yeah, it's one of my best, maybe the best one I've ever played in my career on The European Tour.テつ I played very solid.
To start, I didn't make any bogeys.テつ I missed a few birdies.テつ It was a great, and on a major course like this, it's always great to play nice on that kind of course.

Q. テつDid the course inspire you, or what brought out the good play?
GREGORY BOURDY:テつ First, yeah, this one is one of my favourites, first time I played it this week.テつ I love it.テつ I played, also, like this actually with Darren Clarke on Tuesday.テつ So I think that helped me, also, to play well today, because he gave me a lot advice.テつ He was great with me.テつ So it was fantastic playing with the Open Champion, and a guy like him who plays every day on the course.
I enjoyed it so much today.テつ I played so well.テつ As I said, it was maybe one of my best, maybe my best round I've ever played on The European Tour.テつ I didn't make any bogeys, and yeah, I played solid and especially with my irons, I was proud of my game with my irons.
The rest of the game was pretty solid also.テつ I missed a few putts, a few birdies not very far, but I think the rest was great.テつ To perform on a course like this, yeah, it's great.テつ I'm very happy.

Q.テつ You have played some exceptional rounds on The European Tour, so that's saying something if this is among the best.
GREGORY BOURDY:テつ Yeah, actually, and I've heard it's a new course record, also, with Jeev Milkha Singh; I'm proud about this, and yeah, I love links courses, I feel good on it.テつ It's always great to play great on links courses, as difficult as this one.テつ Maybe one of the best of the links or one of the best courses in the world, links courses, it was magic.テつ I hope I keep going like this the rest of the week.
Tuesday I played with Darren, and it was great.テつ He gave me a lot of advice and it was really great.テつ Yeah, it's fantastic to play with a guy who won The Open the year before, and it's his home course, also.テつ He knows perfectly the course, and he was great with me on Tuesday.テつ For sure it helped me a lot to play well today. テつAnd yeah, I'm going to thank him, and I will try to play the same game tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Q.テつ What kind of advice?テつ Where not to play or not to go?
GREGORY BOURDY:テつ For sure, exactly.テつ But we never know because the wind is always different.テつ He gave me some advice on the different wind, also.

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