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June 28, 2012

Simon Dyson


Q.テつ Your initial reaction coming off the course?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Very good.テつ Solid start.テつ I didn't get off to a great start.テつ I bogeyed the 10th which is a pretty easy par 5, started off with a bogey and then played pretty steady.テつ My first real good birdie chance, managed to make it and kind of set me up then.テつ Birdied 17 and then played lovely on the front nine.テつ I shot 4‑under the front nine.テつ So yeah, good start.

Q.テつ Coming into this tournament, did you feel any extra pressure on yourself?
SIMON DYSON:テつ No.テつ None whatsoever.テつ It's very tough that you win a tournament and then you go and defend it the following year.テつ It's always tough.
So I didn't expect‑‑ I know I've been playing well coming into it, but you know, it's been a long week.テつ It's a fantastic field.テつ So I just tried to get off to as good a start as I could really.

Q.テつ Didn't you win the Pro‑Am before last year, and you also won the Pro‑Am this year?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, I think I did, I'm sure, because I played with Neil Hughes, and I'm sure we did really well in the Pro‑Am, if not win it, and win the tournament, and then we won the Pro‑Am yesterday with my team which was fun.
Like I say, got off to a good start again.

Q.テつ Anything you'll change for tomorrow?
SIMON DYSON:テつ No.テつ Drove the ball nice.テつ My pace on the greens was pretty good, as well, so you see the lines pretty good.テつ When I missed a green or two, I managed to up‑and‑down it and I managed to chip one in, as well, which is nice.テつ No, I won't change anything.
It's a very nice start.テつ Got off to a very slow start this morning bogeying the 10th, an easy par 5.テつ Played pretty steady golf after that, pulled it together.テつ Then the first chance of a birdie, I managed to make it and got me back into it.テつ Birdied 17.テつ Made a good par on 18 and then played lovely on the front nine.テつ Eagled the second which was really nice, hit a really good 3‑wood in there to about three‑foot, and I was off and running.

Q.テつ What do you think of the atmosphere, Northern Ireland, huge crowds watching you?
SIMON DYSON:テつ It feels like you're playing a British Open, it really does.テつ The cheers Pテδ。draig got when he holed his chip on 8, which, I mean, there won't be a bigger cheer all day.テつ It's fantastic.テつ It's great that they have come out and support.テつ Yeah, really, really impressive.

Q.テつ Not too much rain.テつ It's quite warm?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, packed for the worst this morning.テつ I thought it was going to be pretty brutal.テつ I wasn't really looking forward to it, because we had some really bad reports.テつ But when it was raining, it was not that windy and when it stopped raining, the wind picked up as you would expect.テつ But pretty good conditions for links golf.

Q.テつ With the wind, that score of 67 might hold up?
SIMON DYSON:テつ It won't be a million miles away at the end of the day.テつ There's a 7‑under at the minute and I think 7‑under will be leading at the end of the day.テつ Pleased with it.
So I started with a bogey which is not ideal preparation, and they started with birdies, and thinking, it could be a long day.テつ But anyway, it was a good day.

Q.テつ Might have been the adrenaline of the crowds and the occasion for that 15 yards on your wedge, it was something else, wasn't it?
SIMON DYSON:テつ It was weird really.テつ Didn't quite understand where I got it from.テつ But, you know, just kept plugging away, and managed to get the reward.
I had a chip‑in on 7 which was very fortunate.テつ And, yeah, then managed to birdie 9, which was nice.テつ Nice way to finish.

Q.テつ And playing with Graeme and Pテδ。draig and these crowds on a Thursday morning, what was that like?
SIMON DYSON:テつ It was fantastic.テつ Like I say, it feels like an Open, it really does.テつ I loved every minute of it and even when I was a couple over early doors, the atmosphere out there was fantastic.テつ It's just really enjoyable, playing with two great guys and two fantastic golfers as well.

Q.テつ Lunch will taste nice with the title defence very much still on?
SIMON DYSON:テつ It's been a long, long, long way to go.テつ But I got off to a good start, so see what happens tomorrow.

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