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June 28, 2012

Oscar Floren


OSCAR FLOREN:テつ It didn't feel that I hit every green in regulation.テつ It was quite good because it was a bit windy for a while.テつ But it didn't feel like I hit the ball‑‑ I hit my irons great.テつ Wasn't great off the tee but never got in trouble.テつ Missed quite a lot of fairways but missed in the right spots and never got a heavy lie.テつ Eventually holed a few putts.テつ Didn't really hold anything in the beginning.
Hit it close on 8, like two feet and then 2‑putt birdies in a row and rolled in a few but you always feel like you're not putting as well when you are hitting a lot of greens.テつ But all of the putts were really good distance, so I'm really pleased with the round and I feel like I've been playing well since about Sweden.テつ I missed the cut there, but I had a terrible hole on 17.
Very good in Germany for the better part of the tournament.テつ Played well Monday at The Open qualifier, missed out on the playoff but played really well the last round there.テつ The work is paying off.

Q.テつ How often have you had every green in reg?
OSCAR FLOREN:テつ If I've ever done it, I can't remember it.テつ Maybe on like a par 3 course or something.

Q.テつ Presumably you're proud of yourself?
OSCAR FLOREN:テつ Yeah, like I said, it was good.テつ I stayed really patient, even though I didn't get it going in the beginning.テつ Stayed really patient and just because I knew‑‑ yeah, if I just keep giving myself chance, I feel like I've been putting well and a lot of putts were really close.テつ Feel like I was there and eventually a few was going to drop.

Q.テつ Was it annoyance and disappointment or just the positivity that you're playing so well, missing on Monday?
OSCAR FLOREN:テつ Of course it was disappointing Monday night, and then Tuesday it's back to business.テつ But Monday night and after that round, I was really disappointed because I felt I played well and I had some great, great chances coming in the last round but I didn't make them.テつ Missed a lot of putts.
So, yeah, it was disappoint being, but it's definitely not over.テつ If you play really well here or in Scotland and stuff, there's still a chance of getting in The Open and if I don't do it this year, I mean, there's hopefully a lot more years of good golf to come.テつ So eventually I'm going to be there and I want to be up there competing in those tournaments.

Q.テつ Talking about positivity, you said in recent weeks that the form has been nice and consistent and you've had a lot of good rounds.
OSCAR FLOREN:テつ I've played well.テつ Like I said, I feel that I've done everything well and just been back to practising well.テつ I had a bit of a‑‑ wasn't really doing the things I was supposed to, I was practising but not really with the best of focus.テつ Since about Sweden, I would say a week before that, maybe Wales, I've been back to doing the work really well that I'm supposed to do, and then just accept; I'm better now at accepting that I hit bad shots, because everything is to the going to be perfect and I was striving for like wanting to be perfect.テつ It's not going to be that.テつ Everyone is going to hit bad shots and you've just got to score well and be working more on my wedge game and it's starting to pay off.テつ Hit a few wedges close today.
You have to be patient, and like today, maybe I wasn't on the best side of the draw, but you can't really control, that can you.テつ The weather, it's a bit iffy, and the worst weather, we stayed in the clubhouse.テつ Had out my umbrella for about a minute before we teed off on 18, and that was it.
I love links golf.テつ It's fun.テつ You have to be creative and hit a lot of different shots.テつ You can't just hit normal shots, because more likely you're going to blow away.

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