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June 28, 2012

James Morrison


Q.テつ That is pretty special so talk us through it.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ It's funny, I walked to the tee and walked by the car and said to myself, "Why can't it be me today."テつテつテつ It was a feel really; why can't it be me.テつ And then my 5‑iron has gone straight in the hole.テつ I'm disappointed the camera is not there, because me and my caddie‑‑ no camera watching us, but it was an amazing feeling and my first hole in one as a pro.テつ So I'm over the moon.

Q.テつ That can be a tricky par 3 to say the least.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ It was a good 5‑iron in a crosswind.テつ I mean, sometimes you make a hole‑in‑one and you get sort of a half‑thine sort of runs around the green, and this actually was flush straight at the flag and one bounce straight in the hole.テつ It was lovely.

Q.テつ And this is a very special car as well, Gran Coupテδゥ, a 6 Series, worth a tidy sum.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Well, definitely, but I'm not going to sell it.テつ I was talking to my wife the other week about wanting to get another car for me.テつ We already have a BMW X6 to start with for the family wagon, and then I wanted my new car.テつ So I'll make a bit more money first and then look at something different, but gone and done it already for myself.テつ Makes the situation quite easy and I didn't pay for either.

Q.テつ And because BMW are taking a hit here, because it was the past week with Andrew Marshall, he was going to sell you his?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ He says to me, he goes:テつ You can have what you want, you name it, and you can take it.
I'm like, you know, what I might talk to you about that.テつ And then when I see him in the clubhouse, I can tell him he can keep his car; I've got my own.

Q.テつ What do you drive at the moment?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ An X6.テつ It's not even a year old yet.テつ It's only like eight months old.テつ I love the car to pieces.テつ Got a tour deal, BMW is so good to us as a European Tour and players, and they look after us really well and already had one, this is my second BMW and this is my third.

Q.テつ Hole‑in‑one now, you have the Open qualification earlier this week and a new dad.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Yeah, two weeks yesterday he was.テつ So he's doing great.テつ Mom is doing great.テつ Not sleeping massively well but they are both getting theirs.テつ A very different experience and a humbling one, too.テつ I can be a little bit hot on the golf course, as people may have found out the last few weeks, but it's a very humbling experience.テつ I think it's definitely changed my mind‑set and changed my views on life and views on how to act on the golf course and I think it's really helped.テつ Yeah, it's been good.

Q.テつ We always say it's life changing when you become a dad but you actually feel that immediately?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Sure, I played in Munich, the first week out after having him, and I playedand missed the cut but tried my hardest all the way to the end which is unusual.テつ Throwing in the towel is the wrong word, but just tried my heart out to the end and missed the cut.テつ I feel like it changed my mind‑set completely on the game of golf and without sounding too corny, it really has.テつ Exciting to have him.

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