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June 28, 2012

James Morrison


Q.  That is pretty special so talk us through it.
JAMES MORRISON:¬† It's funny, I walked to the tee and walked by the car and said to myself, "Why can't it be me today."¬†¬†¬† It was a feel really; why can't it be me.¬† And then my 5‑iron has gone straight in the hole.¬† I'm disappointed the camera is not there, because me and my caddie‑‑ no camera watching us, but it was an amazing feeling and my first hole in one as a pro.¬† So I'm over the moon.

Q.  That can be a tricky par 3 to say the least.
JAMES MORRISON:¬† It was a good 5‑iron in a crosswind.¬† I mean, sometimes you make a hole‑in‑one and you get sort of a half‑thine sort of runs around the green, and this actually was flush straight at the flag and one bounce straight in the hole.¬† It was lovely.

Q.  And this is a very special car as well, Gran Coupé, a 6 Series, worth a tidy sum.
JAMES MORRISON:  Well, definitely, but I'm not going to sell it.  I was talking to my wife the other week about wanting to get another car for me.  We already have a BMW X6 to start with for the family wagon, and then I wanted my new car.  So I'll make a bit more money first and then look at something different, but gone and done it already for myself.  Makes the situation quite easy and I didn't pay for either.

Q.  And because BMW are taking a hit here, because it was the past week with Andrew Marshall, he was going to sell you his?
JAMES MORRISON:  He says to me, he goes:  You can have what you want, you name it, and you can take it.
I'm like, you know, what I might talk to you about that.  And then when I see him in the clubhouse, I can tell him he can keep his car; I've got my own.

Q.  What do you drive at the moment?
JAMES MORRISON:  An X6.  It's not even a year old yet.  It's only like eight months old.  I love the car to pieces.  Got a tour deal, BMW is so good to us as a European Tour and players, and they look after us really well and already had one, this is my second BMW and this is my third.

Q.¬† Hole‑in‑one now, you have the Open qualification earlier this week and a new dad.
JAMES MORRISON:¬† Yeah, two weeks yesterday he was.¬† So he's doing great.¬† Mom is doing great.¬† Not sleeping massively well but they are both getting theirs.¬† A very different experience and a humbling one, too.¬† I can be a little bit hot on the golf course, as people may have found out the last few weeks, but it's a very humbling experience.¬† I think it's definitely changed my mind‑set and changed my views on life and views on how to act on the golf course and I think it's really helped.¬† Yeah, it's been good.

Q.  We always say it's life changing when you become a dad but you actually feel that immediately?
JAMES MORRISON:¬† Sure, I played in Munich, the first week out after having him, and I playedand missed the cut but tried my hardest all the way to the end which is unusual.¬† Throwing in the towel is the wrong word, but just tried my heart out to the end and missed the cut.¬† I feel like it changed my mind‑set completely on the game of golf and without sounding too corny, it really has.¬† Exciting to have him.

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