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June 28, 2012

Anthony Wall


ANTHONY WALL:テつ I played really, really well, as good as I've played for many years, so I was ecstatic to play that well.

Q.テつ Best you've played for many years, you talking links golf or just general?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Just in general because we all know what a great course this is, and it's difficult.テつ It was fairly benign the first six, seven holes.
The rain didn't help but it was pretty calm but then the wind picked up and to be honest, I had complete control of my ball, which is rare for me.テつ So that was great.テつ I'm really, really happy.

Q.テつ Despite injuries, you've had some very prominent performances over the last few years, so you're saying quite a lot there.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ It's probably unlike me, I played well, long week with the weather and yes, I was very, very happy.

Q.テつ What was it about the game particularly that worked out there today that satisfied you so much?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ I just got the ball starting on the line that I wanted to start it on, which it's always probably been my problem.
It sounds simple, but it's quite hard to do.テつ And if I'm going to aim at a bunker and I want to go just inside it, I was able to do it off the tee where normally I'm a bit jaded.テつ I've been working on one or two things, and early days but feel like I've got some improvement in me.

Q.テつ As we stand here, we have jumpers on and hear the wind coming across and picking up now and then; testing conditions, although not as bad as it might be?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Absolutely.テつ Early on probably played the easiest even though it was raining for the first five or six holes but it's a tough course.テつ You can't help but smile when you see how many people are here and you stand on the 7th or the 8th tee and just look around you, it is quite impressive.テつ So I think if you're playing well, it helps you because it does inspire you, as well.

Q.テつ Are you amongst those that came in about six this morning and saw all of the queues to get in the course even then.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Yeah, ten past six, it was probably a hundred people queuing in the rain, can't believe it.テつ It just shows you how popular golf is and how lucky we are to have Rory, Darren, G‑Mac, Pテδ。draig, McGinley, a lot of players from this part of the world, and just shows you we have to appreciate it.

Q.テつ And anyone from your part of the world down in the home counties, they wouldn't recognise that Portrush is this tiny town in the top of Northern Ireland and not easy to get to.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ It's a gorgeous place.テつ You stand up on the far end of the course and see the coastline, I've not seen much better to be honest.テつ It really is gorgeous.テつ If the sun shone a bit more, I think it would be slightly more well known but the locals probably want to keep it this way because it is lovely.

Q.テつ Is it your first time here?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ I played in the amateur here in '93.テつ I actually played here with Iain Pyman when he won it.テつ It's nice to come back, and I have to say, it's probably the best course apart from my home club at Sunningdale that you can play.テつ I think it's absolutely stunning.

Q.テつ And presumably once it was announced that it was here, you were amongst those saying, yeah, I'd love to go back.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Absolutely, any chance you get a chance to play a links course anywhere in the world, you want to play them because we don't play them enough.
So it just proves this week, because we are a bit chopped in here for space but it proves that if you really want it, you can, so hopefully the Tour can look at weeks like this and put us on a few more of the older, traditional golf courses rather than keep playing all of these courses in fields and that and trying to make an atmosphere, where here, it's electric.

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