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June 28, 2012

Jimmy Walker


Q.テつ I know you're a little disappointed with the bogey at 18, but after that tee ball you've got to walk me through that second shot.テつ That was unbelievable.
JIMMY WALKER:テつ I had a good lie. テつIt was trampled down, and I just had to keep it real low.テつ I just was trying not to overcook it because I knew once it landed it was going to kick left.テつ It only needed to fly about 200 yards and it would just take off, and it did.テつ It burned out right there in front of the green.テつ I thought I hit a good chip, just didn't quite make it up the hill.テつ I hit a good putt, it just didn't go in.テつ I just played a little too much break, hit it perfect.テつ But all in all, it was an awesome day.

Q.テつ That shot for me personally, your follow‑through, you had a tree, and that has a tendency to make the body stop, and when the body stops and you're trying to draw it, it's going to hook even more, and there's water over there.テつ So it was pretty gutty.
JIMMY WALKER:テつ Thanks.テつ It was just one of those, I had the mo' going, and I felt like I could keep it‑‑ if I got one down there in the water I thought I could get it up‑and‑down if I made a good aggressive shot down there.テつ It wasn't bothering me too much.テつ I wasn't too scared of it.

Q.テつ You basically hit almost every fairway and most of the greens.テつ Your first green you missed was at 12 and it was on the fringe, 25‑footer down the hill with a putter.テつ What happened coming in, just a little tired?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ You know, it's two weeks off, and maybe just a little bit.テつ I really didn't miss anything out there.テつ I had good mojo going and didn't want to throw anything off.テつ I just hung a few, just a couple little shots.テつ That's kind of my miss right now, just hanging a few.テつ I didn't hang the one on 18, but‑‑ so it was a good day.テつ I kept hitting good shots, good shots out of the rough.テつ I'm not afraid to hit it in the rough here.テつ I can get it out.
So I just kept driving it good all day.

Q.テつ Talk about your round today.テつ What was going good for you?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ I started off just driving it really well.テつ I hit a lot of fairways, and that's what you want to do out here.テつ If you're in the rough, it's hard to control the ball coming into the greens.テつ The greens are getting firm.テつ If you hit shots in the fairway, 8‑irons, really high 8‑irons that land and they jump 20 feet.テつ So it was tough, but I just‑‑ I kept hitting the fairways and giving myself good looks and got a couple putts to go in, and just kept hitting good shots all day off the fairways.テつ Didn't hit as many coming down the stretch like last year, but I hit some good shots out of the rough and made a couple of putts, and that's what you do when you miss the fairway.

Q.テつ What do you expect with the heat going out tomorrow and for the weekend?
JIMMY WALKER:テつ I think the ball is going to start going even further.テつ I expect the fairways to keep baking out.テつ The ball should‑‑ it should play faster and faster and faster.テつ I don't know what they're going to do with the greens, if they're going to let them get firmer or if they're going to keep a little water on them.テつ Time will tell.テつ I don't know what they're going to do, what they're planning.テつ I would think the fairways are going to get firmer and faster and the golf course is going to play fast.テつ You've got to be careful running balls through fairways and stuff like that.

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