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June 28, 2012

Marc Leishman


Q.テつ A little different than last week, last Sunday?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ A little different, yeah.テつ The course was playing pretty tough out there today, firm and fast, and the greens are really quick.テつ It's set up very tough, so yeah, it's a little different to what we did last Sunday.

Q.テつ How similar to last year at the Open here, harder than last year?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Yeah, I think the conditions make it harder.テつ The rough is not quite as long and it was last year, but the greens are a lot firmer.テつ But in that respect, it's tougher, definitely.

Q.テつ What was the highlight of your round today, and what did you do well out there?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Well, I mean, I had a bogey early, and then brought it back pretty well, was a couple under after eight holes and sort of made a few pars coming in.テつ But I got up‑and‑down really well.テつ I didn't hit a whole lot of fairways, but I wasn't missing it in bad spots.テつ But I didn't hit a whole lot of fairways or probably greens, either, but when I did, I gave myself a legitimate birdie chance, and when I missed the green I got it up‑and‑down most of the time, so it makes it a lot easier when you can make them putts but keep the round going.

Q.テつ Now, you played in a lot of heat last week and then the rest of this week sounds like it's going to be about what it was in Hartford.テつ What are you doing physically and mentally to keep sharp?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Just trying to conserve as much energy as possible between shots or at nighttime, just trying to drink plenty of water, keep eating, do as much as you can not to get dehydrated.テつ It would be easy to do out there for sure, but if it's hot you know you've got to drink.テつ When you're not sweating is when‑‑ the dry heat is when you're more likely to get dehydrated.テつ Yeah, just trying to conserve as much energy as possible.

Q.テつ How hard is it trying to follow up coming off a win next week, and is it because the course is so hard, or is it still difficult to follow up after last week?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ I treated this as a new week.テつ I tried to just‑‑ I know that everyone starts from zero on Thursday morning.テつ Just because I played well last week and won doesn't mean that I'm entitled to play good again this week.テつ I know I've got to keep doing hard work and keep hitting good shots to have good scores.テつ I mean, it is tough to be on such a high Sunday night and you sort of come down off that and you've got to try to work hard to keep focused.

Q.テつ Do you think because this course is so difficult that that's easier?
MARC LEISHMAN:テつ Yeah, I think it's easier, definitely.テつ You know if you hit a bad shot you're going to get punished.テつ It's really easy to make a double around here.テつ On an easy golf course where you're expecting to make birdies on every hole‑‑ it's easier to make a lot of pars than it is to make a lot of birdies on an easy golf course compared to a lot of pars on a tough golf course, I think.テつ I prefer the tough golf course.

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