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June 26, 2012

Juan Martin Del Potro


6‑4, 3‑6, 7‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Was that perhaps a more difficult game than you expected today?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Yeah.  Yeah, I think so.  He's a big player to beat on grass court.  He's very, very dangerous.  He doesn't be seeded, so could be a dangerous opponent for all the players.
Today I'm glad because I beat him.  I play really well, and finally in the end I'm still feeling good sensations.  I close the match in good level, so that is very positive.

Q.  You seemed to really pump yourself up in the third set.  A lot of emotions flying about, were they?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Yeah, yeah.  I really like this tournament.  I have friends to come to see me all the matches.  The crowd, it's amazing.
I'm very exciting to still winning matches.  I'm really glad just to be here.  I had a little knee problem, but anyway, I'm here and I want to still improve my game on grass.

Q.  Talking about improving your game on grass, how do you go further than the fourth round this year?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Well, this year I had unlucky.  I couldn't play Queen's.  I don't have too many hours on grass.
But anyways, I'm training very hard just the week before I start the tournament.  I remember last year when I lost against Rafa in a big match.  I had good memories with the crowd, so hopefully I can go far and try to repeat a big match against them.

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