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June 24, 2012

Chris Wood


CHRIS WOOD:  Solid week but slightly disappointing.  You know, I've been playing nicely for a while, so just got very tough conditions today.  So it was a day to battle rain when you're going to hit bad shots, and I hit one bad slot which cost me a double‑bogey on the 14th.  Apart from that, I felt like I held my own.

Q.  And you did battle well, because after that double, you birdied the next and that was a wonderful putt at the last?
CHRIS WOOD:  Well, two birdies in a row after the double, and a nice putt on the last, yeah, it was a case of slipping a bit on the second, I thinned the hell out of it.  I haven't hit a shot like that since I was about 10 I don't think.  But nice to hole the putt.

Q.  I take it you were conscious of the leaderboard all the time and how close it was?
CHRIS WOOD:  I don't know really.  I tried not to look at all.  Something I've learnt not to do.  So I didn't know how close I was.  Obviously I knew I was playing steady, so I knew I was going to be there or thereabouts, or one or two back or what. Didn't know until the end.

Q.  But you certainly knew the importance of the last putt?
CHRIS WOOD:  Well, actually I didn't realise Marcus had finished at 11.  So I thought I might have half a chance of a playoff, but not to be.  One shot short is not far away. 

Q.  Elaborate on the weather, because I know it's been windy for the last two days but you've had wind and rain today, haven't you.
CHRIS WOOD:  It's tough today.  Yeah, I don't really know what else to say about the weather today.  It was just brutal.  And you know, you're trying to keep everything dry.  You're trying to eat; you're trying to drink and then we got put on the clock and I felt like we were with them, and we were waiting on the 9th green.  So it was a tough day.

Q.  Hope the weather is better in Ireland.
CHRIS WOOD:  We'll see.

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