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June 24, 2012

Brian Davis


Q.  Brian, just comment on a wild final round.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, it was a weird one today.  Just doing pretty good on the front nine and I missed a couple of putts around the turn, short putts, well, inside six feet.  And put me behind the eight ball.  I'd seen that the guys had got hot, so we knew we were going to have to make some birdies coming in.  Obviously with this finish around here, anything can happen.
So I hung in there, hit a terrible shot on the par‑5.  I was right in between clubs and the wind got up and obviously I'm trying to press because 16, 17 looks like the number.  But hit a bad shot there and made bogey which halted me in my tracks.  But you know, we had a tough back nine.  Every club was in between.  I was in between clubs all day long apart from 16.  And just made life tough for me and at the end of the day I just came up a bit short on the putts.  If I'd have made some putts from about the eighth hole, ninth hole, I would be standing in here as a winner.
So you know, the good thing is I hung in there.  I was very pleased with my temperament, very pleased with how I hung in there, what I did, how I did it, all the things I've been working on this year are really good.  Obviously a few things are going to show up down the stretch, under the gun.  But overall I'm happy with how I hung in there, but obviously disappointed I didn't get the win.

Q.  You mentioned how anything can happen on those last four holes there.  Can you just kind of give your thoughts on those four, the finishing four?
BRIAN DAVIS:  You know, it's a bit like the last three at TPC, Sawgrass.  I love 'em.  You know, you got ‑‑ I mean you got drivable par‑4, but there's five, six, two, everywhere and 16 is a great little par‑3 and 17 speaks for itself, and obviously 18, with that pin position they had today, which I haven't seen before, led guys to making mistakes.  So it was a good finish, and I love finishes like this because you can have a four or five‑shot swing.  Whenever you got water, whenever you got drivable par 4s and smelly little holes like 17, anything can happen, and obviously it did today.

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