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June 24, 2012

Webb Simpson


Q.  Thank you very much.  With the U. S. Open champion, Webb Simpson.  And tell me now, it's been a week and you've played another tournament.  Is there anything left in your tank?  Do you have any energy at all?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Well, you know, I was thankful this week because I was hitting it really well, so I kind of got my competitive juices flowing.
To be honest, we made a bunch of stupid mistakes today, but we just kind of chalked it up to it happens.  We were thinking well.  I was still really wanting to play a good round today, but unfortunately I didn't really get it going early.  Shot one over, but I'm glad I played and had a great week.

Q.  Other than the fact that you're getting a lot more interview requests, as evidenced by what we're doing right now, how has your life changed, if at all, over these past few months?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think as a golfer it's given me more confidence.  Any time we can compete and do well, it makes us want to do it again.  But in terms of Webb, the person, I'm not any different.  You know, just excited to be playing well and hope I can continue that the rest of the year.

Q.  Well, I imagine you've got some close friends and family who are going to remind you quickly if you become somebody other than who you've been.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, I got some good people around me.  Most importantly my wife.  She can see anything.  If I get a little prideful, she'll remind me of who I am.

Q.  So when will we see you next?  What's your schedule?  Has it changed at all over the last week?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I'm going to take next week off and go play Greenbriar, and then it's going to be a little tricky.  I'm probably not going to the British Open, but as far as anything else, I'm not sure yet.

Q.  Because you're waiting for another child; right?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Absolutely, yeah.  Baby No. 2 coming the end of July, so I can't wait for that.  Get a little down time at home, which I think will be nice to kind of reflect on last week and try to get ready for the PLAYOFFS.

Q.  Will you exhale now after all you've been through the last ten days?  Does it feel good to kind of move on and have some normalcy maybe?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, it does.  I was hoping to play a little better today, but it's nice to be done and can't wait to head home tonight and see my wife and son and have a week off to just kind of let things sink in a little bit and get some rest.

Q.  With all the "thank you, Webbs" you heard out there from the galleries, you made a real impact on the folks here in this state, and myself included.  We appreciate you being here.  Did you get that message as you leave?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Absolutely.  I mean it was overwhelming, every hole people thanking me for coming.  I just want to tell them, oh, you don't have to thank me.  It was fun for me to come here and play this golf course, and Travelers does such a great job, so I was happy to be here and look forward to coming next year.

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