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June 23, 2012

Brian Davis


DOUG MILNE:  Great score today.  Find you at 12‑under right at the top of the leaderboard, obviously right where you want to be heading into the final round.  Just some comments about your round today and how you're feeling heading into tomorrow.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, I got off to a really slow start, 29 on the front nine, so I was hoping to pick it up on the back nine.  Just one of those days I came out hot.  Every club was the perfect club.  I seemed to be hitting my shots in the right spot where I had an uphill putt.
Just everything was going right.  And we hit the turn and the wind picked up a little bit and played a little bit tricky for a few holes and then it dropped again.  And there were some birdies to be had coming in.  So delighted to have hung in on the back nine.  After I bogeyed the par‑5, I could have let it slip a little bit, but I hung in there and obviously gave myself a shot tomorrow, which is all you can ask for.
DOUG MILNE:  With that we'll open it up and take a few questions.

Q.  You've been in this position several times before.  What could happen to get you over the hump?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Well, I haven't actually been in this position after three rounds where I'm tied for the lead.
I know obviously, my record in Europe.  Might have been a couple of times.  Once, maybe twice I've been tied for the lead or in the lead, but at the end of the day you can't worry about that.  You just gotta go out and shoot as low as you can.  I haven't really looked at the scores yet, but I think there's a bunch of guys with a chance to win tomorrow.  With the way the course is set up, with the greens a little bit softer after the rain, it's going to be a shoot‑out.  So there's no going out there defensive tomorrow.  You gotta go out there and shoot a number, and if you shoot that number, you'll have a chance.

Q.  How much different did the back nine play today?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, it did.  The wind just seemed to pick up in front a little bit.  It wasn't bad and when we hit 10, all of a sudden it started howling.  On 11 tee trying to pick a club was a nightmare.  Just for a few holes it was like there was a storm nearby but then all of a sudden it went away and the last four, five holes it was perfect.  There was a couple of chances coming in, and I'm obviously delighted with that.  And as I said, on the back nine, the wind got up.  But we know we're going to be waiting on a few tees on the back nine because obviously so many guys made the cut, two‑tee start threesomes, but we had about four tees on the back nine where we had two groups on the tee.  So you sort of lose your momentum and obviously I lost my momentum there.  But managed to hang in there.  So I'm obviously delighted.  But more importantly I managed to hit the shots I wanted to, so that's all you can ask for.

Q.  Do people still come up to you and say something about what happened at Hilton Head a couple of years?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Why?  What happened at Hilton Head?  (Laughs).

Q.  It was a lot of honor in that.  Could you just reflect on that a little bit?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah.  People still come up to me.  People stop me in the airport.  Whatever.  At the time I didn't realize what impact it was going to have, but it had a positive impact.  So that's always a good thing.  Not only for our sport, but people in general, especially kids.
You look back at it now, obviously what was going on, obviously I was devastated I didn't win the tournament, but what came after that and the publicity I got for not only golf but doing the right thing was a good thing, and obviously we're looking to carry that on in our sport, which is one thing about our sport we love.

Q.  Has it made you stronger?  Has it further your resolve, obviously to win, but to keep fighting like that?
BRIAN DAVIS:  No.  It's not so much that.  It is a little different perspective because of what happened after it, more importantly.  All the well wishes, the cards, the notes, the Emails.  That sort of changes a little bit because you think, okay, it's a good thing.  You always get someone who has a negative thing to say about something.  But overall 99.9 percent of it was all positive, and it had a positive effect on my out look as well, obviously, because to be looked on that way is a good thing, you know, that you've done the right thing, even though at the time you're not thinking like that.  You're just trying to win the golf tournament, and I just didn't have any idea what was going to come after that tournament.  But I've moved on from that now.  It's not something I dwell on every day.  But again, you'd rather have that as a good thing in your locker, if you like, so it's obviously a positive.  But I'd like everybody to write about how I won a tournament, not what happened at Hilton Head.

Q.  Brian, a little bit more about the 29.  Is that something that you've done before?  Where does that rank?
BRIAN DAVIS:  I've done it before.  I can't remember.  But you know, just one of those things, I just got on a roll and just kept riding it.  As I said, you know, lost a bit of momentum on the back nine waiting around and couldn't quite get going, but hey, it wasn't easy, and I put myself in position to have a shot tomorrow, and that's all I can do.  Same as every other guy will say.  At the end of the day it's great shooting a good score today, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't back it up and play well tomorrow, so that's what I'll trying to be doing tomorrow.

Q.  Have you ever played in the last group before?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yes.  Don't ask me where.

Q.  But not recently?  So tomorrow will be fun?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, it will be.  I don't even know who I'm playing with.  I don't know who the leader is at the end.

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