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June 23, 2012

Marcel Siem


Q.  Good round of golf, but I know you're really disappointed.  Tell me how high the frustration is, particularly with what happened on 17?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, I mean, luckily I didn't get a penalty shot, so that's a good thing.  I had a great start and really enjoyed myself out there with the big crowd behind me.  I mean, I think I had four bad shots today, and every time I hit a bad shot, I got a bogey.
And my putting, my putter was not really on.  I had a chance on the front nine already for birdie which I didn't make.  That was a great round of golf.  I'm in there, and, yeah, I don't know what the guys are doing.  Hopefully I'm in contention for tomorrow.  But I played really good so I should get a smile on my face in the next five minutes.

Q.  Give me your account of what happened on 17.
MARCEL SIEM:  On 17.m I addressed the ball, and you know, there was a breeze, it was just downwind so my putter got a little bit close to the ball.  I'm always that far away from the golf ball and all of a sudden, I was press on the ball.  Mand so whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't know the rule, because to me I should get a penalty shot for that because I touched the ball.
John Paramor said no, as long as the ball doesn't move, you don't get a penalty shot.  It's weird.  I'm happy about it.  The ball definitely didn't move, I knew that straightaway because I had that in India this year already and the rule of the moving ball, but I didn't know that you are allowed to touch the ball actually as long as the ball doesn't move.  Funny one.

Q.  Football last night, German fans were in high spirits this morning.  Tell me how you were feeling after the opening hole.
MARCEL SIEM:  It was really cool.  75 metres to the flag, downwind, scruffy lie to be honest and I thought, it's going to be tough to get the ball stopping on the hole, and just nipped it nicely in the semi rough there and went in.  That was great.  I mean, the crowd was right there.  It was awesome.  Just a bit a shame that I didn't get in with 12‑under, 13‑under.
But, it doesn't matter.  If I play like this tomorrow, who knows.

Q.  Well, you're still right in there.  How excite ready you about Sunday, a chance to win on home soil and a chance to give these fans plenty to smile about?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, that would be a dream for me to win a tournament again, first of all, and then in Cologne, BMW would be great.  But still five hours play to go tomorrow and who knows what the guys are doing there.  Try to play the same golf I did today, stay patient, not thinking about winning actually, just do what you can and hopefully the putter is going a little bit better than today and I have a chance.

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