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June 23, 2012

Joel Sjoholm


JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Really did not expect to feel a little bit of tension, because I've been leading tournaments before as an amateur but never as a pro, so I thought it would be the same, and it isn't really the same.  It's a little bit different.  It was much easier than I expected it to be.
I held my nose pretty good through the first five, six holes and then I got a little bit angry with my ball on No. 6, but that's me in general, doesn't matter if I'm leading a tournament or not, it's just who I am.  And of course, I am not God's kid, we say like that, no emotion; it sometimes takes over.  But today it feels good to actually walk off the course with an even par score when I was plus two.

Q.  I presume you're proud of yourself the way you battled back?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Yeah, especially the last two holes when I was in danger to finish off terrible, instead of actually making two good pars out of nowhere.
So it feels good, and I'm real excited for tomorrow.  It's going to be a really, really great day because I really love this place.

Q.  Talk me through the last hole, lovely flop shot.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  First of all I hit a fantastic drive.  First time I hit the fairway since I got here.  Second shot, pulled an 8‑iron, I was trying to hold it and instead I pulled it.  The flop shot, I think I will need at least ten more tries before I hit it that close again.
So I'm carrying a 62‑degree in the bag, and that makes me help to find the rough and also to hit flop shots and makes it a little more satisfying for me because I know that I can stop the ball very quickly with a 62‑degree.

Q.  It's the kind of shot that not many players can pull off, Mickelson‑esque, and presumably gives you a lovely, warm feeling.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Well, he does it from the other direction, so it is much more difficult to do lefty I think.

Q.  Chris Wood alongside you played pretty well; nice little battle.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Yeah, it was fantastic to have Chris playing with me today, because he is such a funny guy, so we have a good time together.

Q.  And he's that tall that his chin can rest on your head?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  I know, I've always told him that he's too tall, I tell him, I'm amazed how you can be so good at golf and be so tall.

Q.  Tell me about the other comedy moment today, you flapping your arms around on the fifth fairway with a swan in your vision.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Yeah, first of all, I love animals, at first I was thinking that if I would bomb this, I would probably kill this swan, and he was also in the way.
So I was trying to move him, but we moved him straight back in the first position.  So he was in the way the whole time, and we didn't realise that they had six chicks.  I never saw them until we talked by and then I realised why he was so upset.  It was a little bit of a dangerous move but I guess it might have been quite funny, too.  Vicious, but so beautiful, as well.  Good, fun moment today.

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