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June 23, 2012

Chris Wood


CHRIS WOOD:  Played solid, quite nicely, just the one dropped shot.  Didn't really feel like I looked like dropping a shot really today.  Playing in the last group, got to be pleased.

Q.  Looked like that to us, as well, you were playing flawless, and there were a couple of moments where you had to get up‑and‑down, but you did it with good style and grace, I guess.
CHRIS WOOD:  It was not an easy day obviously with the wind blowing as hard as it is.  You're always going to miss greens.  There's a lot of shots, cross‑wind shots out there, so not the easiest conditions.  So it was a day where you knew you were going to have to scramble a little bit.

Q.  Playing alongside Joel show home, a colorful character, and he said he got quite emotional out there, he didn't realise quite what it would be like to be leading into a third round.  You seem to be very level‑headed, and I know you've done it before.
CHRIS WOOD:  I try.  There's always‑‑ yeah, there's always pressure to leading a tournament.  If it's Joel's first time, then I'm sure he would have learnt a lot from today.
I know I certainly do whenever I'm near the lead or up in the lead.  The more you can do it, the more you get used to it, and I feel like I'm learning all the time how to deal with that sort of situation.
Same sort of attitude tomorrow and I won't be far away.

Q.  It's probably the truisms, isn't it, you just mustn't get ahead of yourself, all of the things that you tell yourself every day, but the adrenaline is going?
CHRIS WOOD:  It's so easy to get ahead of yourself, if that makes sense.  So it's a bit of a test, but on a day like today, it probably helped because it was a day where you just had to be patient and it was tough conditions, and not so many birdies out there as there were on day one.  So I was pleased.

Q.  And yet there was a lovely comedy moment, as well.  Talk us through it from your perspective, we've ween Joel waving his arms around at a swan on the fairway?
CHRIS WOOD:  I was getting up on the green, the amount of time he was taking and the blooming swan was not going anywhere, I was worried we were going to get put on the clock, you know, last group, all of this happened in the last month or so with slow play and TV group and that sort of thing.
So Joel dealt with it in his very unique, personal way, and it was quite funny.  I know the crowd enjoyed it.

Q.  We were actually seeing it from his perspective and the swan's perspective, but from yours, I presume you were smiling?
CHRIS WOOD:  Oh, yeah, but you don't touch a swan, do you, a pretty lively bird.  Rather him than me.

Q.  Needed the buggy to nudge him out of the way?
CHRIS WOOD:  He wasn't going near it, was he.  Very fortunate to have a buggy handy, someone around watching to be able to shoo it away.  It was quite funny.  Been a funny week actually for things happening.

Q.  With having to walk here on the first day and then with the swan today it has been eventful.  You'll remember this one, come what may.
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it has been a funny week but hopefully it can continue and I'll be laughing tomorrow night.

Q.  Excited?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah.  Can't wait.  A shot behind is as good as I need to be really tomorrow.  So I'm not sleeping on the lead, and I feel really good.

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