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June 22, 2012

Charley Hoffman


MARK STEVENS:  Charley, if you want to just kind of talk about real quick the hot start you got on this morning, and then having to stop kind of right in the middle of it before this rain delay.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  Well, the first rain delay, I hit two shots on the tenth hole, which I hit on the green and then I stopped for an hour and a half or so, and then got going again, and I actually got off a nice little run there, birdied 11.  Two‑putted 10 for par.  Then I birdied 11.  Then I made good putts on 11 and 12 for birdie.  Then 13 I hit in two.  And then I was sort of in an interesting spot.  I was on the green, but I sort of had a mound in my way, and I actually just chipped it when I was on the green, and I guess basically got 2 from there for birdie.  The next hole, I hit it close, made birdie there, and almost hit it on the green on 15.  So I just had a little chip up there to a couple feet and made birdie there.
So it was a nice five‑hole run.  Obviously wish I probably could have kept it going a little longer, but obviously in a good frame of mind going into tomorrow.

Q.  Charley, have you ever had a start this good for a six‑hole stretch to start a round?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I guess technically, no.  I mean technically I've birdied every hole I've played, for the four holes I played this afternoon or this morning.  I guess it was this afternoon.  2:00 when we got started.  And I don't think all year I've probably made five birdies in a row.  In my career I might have maybe one time made six.  I'm not sure.  I don't really keep any stats about that.
Obviously any time you can make a bunch of birdies, no matter at the beginning of the round, end of the round, middle of the round it's a good feeling.  I mean that stretch obviously you can make some birdies on.  It's also one of my favorite stretches in all of golf.  You can make birdies on all those holes, but you also can make bogeys and double bogeys pretty fast out there.  That's why I think this course and tournament is so much fun.

Q.  Is it frustrating when you're playing as well as you are and you know the weather is coming and they tell you you have to stop when you're getting so many birdies like that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  No.  I think it was inevitable.  I mean we all knew that the system was coming today, and with three 90‑plus days in a row you're going to get a thunderstorm.  It was sort of what you expected.  It was nothing I didn't expect.  We're used to it on the TOUR, having rain delays, and I'd rather go in from a rain delay with five birdies than five bogeys.  So it's all sort of to be expected.

Q.  Charley, after the second one, did you go off site?  I mean you obviously wanted to come back here, didn't you?  But did you go off site?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  You know what, I stayed for probably an hour and a half over there and started looking at the radar.  And my daughter was at day care and day care was sort of wrapping up.  You have to pick the kids up at a certain time, so my wife and I sort of decided to go to day care and come back to the hotel room and just sort of hang out here for a while.  We turned on the radar and sort of saw that I didn't think there was any chance we'd go back out there.  But I was only a few minutes down the road so in case something did happen, I would have been able to get back there.
THE MODERATOR:  Any more?  Everybody good?  Okay, thanks a lot, Charley.  Have a good night, buddy.

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