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June 22, 2012

Fabrizio Zanotti


FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ It's a different day with this wind but pretty happy with the round.

Q.テつ This wind has picked up considerably since you first arrived at the course this morning?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ You're right, it was pretty calm, but when we started practising, the wind started getting harder and harder.

Q.テつ It's probably obvious, but what difference does it make to you out there?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ It makes a lot of difference, because it's difficult to get the fairways and to get the rough, it's not that easy.

Q.テつ So was it a case of holding on, rather than yesterday so many chances?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, yeah, today you had to fight all the day.

Q.テつ Does that mean you're even more proud of yourself?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, I had a good fight today.
I had a good start.テつ The back nine, I don't hit it that good, but I keep going.

Q.テつ The opening day, highlights with the birdies, presumably today was chopping it out of the rough and getting it close and salvaging things.テつ
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, putts for par.テつ It's good.テつ I played a pretty good round also.

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