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June 22, 2012

Chris Wood


CHRIS WOOD:  It was a bit tougher today.  There's a few holes out there, 8, which my 17th today, was driver and a sand wedge yesterday and was a driver and 7‑iron today with a left‑to‑right wind, with that water there.  So there's a few holes that are playing particularly harder than yesterday so 2‑under is a pretty decent score.

Q.  It is the wind that's made all the difference, is it?  Are the greens even slower because of rain last night?
CHRIS WOOD:  The rain, I didn't hear it, after my three‑mile run yesterday, I slept quite well.  The greens caught me out a little bit but the pace, knocked it six feet past on the 10th, my first hole, 3‑putted, so what a great way to start the day.
As you know, left it short and then knocked it past.  I didn't quite have the speed of the greens as I did yesterday but they were good surfaces this morning.

Q.  We said on the opening day about how matted the rough is and it's great if you're not in it but presumably after the rain yesterday, today if you're in it, it's all the more trouble, isn't it?
CHRIS WOOD:  The rough off the fairway isn't actually that thick, and you've got half a chance of getting on to the green.  It's if you stray a bit further into the hay, that's the nasty stuff.  But I made a good four on 9, my last hole.
I've been driving the ball quite well which happened helped me avoid those sort of lies.

Q.  I take it you didn't have to jog to the course today?
CHRIS WOOD:  Not when you leave at 20 past five.  The traffic was pretty smooth.

Q.  Which made you more comfortable knowing you've gone through your preparations?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yes, I like to do the same thing before every round, no matter how I'm playing or where I lie in the tournament.  When you leave yourself half an hour or 40 minutes before your time once in awhile, it's a bit of a shock.

Q.  I presume your competitive juices are flowing nicely because you're in a decent run of form?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it's always nice to put yourself in contention.  Nothing beats it really, and the more and more you can do it, the more chance you have to win obviously and hopefully one will come along.

Q.  Do you feel that confidence is growing back‑to‑back with the way that you've been playing?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah the results haven't really backed up the way I've played.  I'm finishing Top‑20 instead of what I feel is Top‑10, Top‑5 form really.  Just not quite getting the scores.  Just got to stay patient and wait for that to happen.

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