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June 21, 2012

Fredrik Jacobson


Q.  Fredrik, for the first time as the defending champion, you got a pretty good hang of this thing.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  I enjoyed it out there.  It was hot out there.  It was one of those days you're going to have to focus hard to stay in it in a day like this, and I was fortunate enough to play really well and get off to a good start.

Q.  Yeah, I thought your ball control was really good.  You hit 16 of 18 greens.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah, yeah.  I think, you know, I struck it really solid all day and really only had one hiccup on 16 where I landed the ball a foot from the hole, and ended up with a 5 to double there, but the rest was no mistakes.

Q.  Looked to me like that pitch mark at the 16th was just about a foot or less from the cup.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah, it landed like a foot right of the hole, so it looked good in there, but it ended up in a tough spot.

Q.  And you had nice looks at birdies at 17 and 18, too.  I thought you hit good putts.  I thought that putt was dead center on 18.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah, it looked good.  Looked good.  17 broke a bit more than I expected, and 18 I really thought we had that one, but it ran out of a little pace and broke a bit too much at the end.

Q.  Was this something you were looking forward to, defending this title or did you not quite know how to approach the round as the defending champion?
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  No.  I'm really looking forward to the week.  I'm excited about it.  Obviously it's the first time I won anything over here, so to come back, it feels a little bit like home.  I was up here for the media day back here doing a day for Travelers, and now to be back here again and get to play, it's awesome.

Q.  Good start in defense of your title.  Congratulations.

Q.  People often talk about horses for courses.  So are you a horse for this course?
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  I hope so.  I hope so.  I don't know.

Q.  Fredrik, great start.  Your title defense.  Just comment on the round.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah.  Just you know, it was a hot day out there today, so the heat was challenging so I was happy to strike the ball really well and not end up in too many tricky positions, so kept it a little simpler to stay focused and just get into a nice rhythm.  So just hit the ball really solid all the way and made a few putts.

Q.  With all the attention it doesn't seem the pressure bothered you at all.  You came out and you were right on top, close to the top there after defending your title.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Well, I don't know.  I don't really think I'm putting any more pressure on me.  It's a new week.  Last year was last year.  This year is a different story, so just happy to be back at the place where I enjoy to play.  And obviously I have some good memories and try to go out there, and today my goal was to get off to a decent start.  I know it was going to be challenging in this heat, and if you start to miss a few shots, it can get to you.  So I was just happy to get through this day.

Q.  And very close to being that much better on 18.  That was a close one.
FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah, yeah.  I had a few close calls, but did make some putts along the way, too.  Just ran out of pace there the last few inches.  I thought we had that one.  Would have been a nice way to finish, but still a good day.

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