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June 21, 2012

Chris Wood


Q.  How good of a start was it?
CHRIS WOOD:  It's good.  I felt like I played really nicely for, that nine birdies, and dropped two bogeys, one 3‑putt, and 17, hit a nice shot, but flew the green under the TV tower.  So I didn't really hit a bad shot today.

Q.  So many red figures means so many chances presumably?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, first six holes, I was three feet, ten feet, six feet, four feet, 2‑putt birdie on a par 5.  It was really, really solid today.

Q.  And all of this after a lack of preparation, albeit, but you got to walk and get the fitness up?
CHRIS WOOD:  It was a good warmup, so might look to the course more often actually.

Q.  You had a 12.30 tee time, aiming to get to the course somewhat in front of that, and you couldn't?
CHRIS WOOD:  I think I left about a quarter past ten to get here for about quarter 11.00 and ended up getting here about 20 to 12.00.  We sort of finally decided to leg it out of the car about ten past 11.00 when we had done one kilometre in 20 minutes or something like that.  Traffic was that bad.  But it's quite funny, and quite glad, didn't really bother me.
Cut through the fields, it felt a bit like The Great Escape actually, cutting through the field.  We were laughing sort of along the way.  20, 25 of us sort of doing the same thing really.

Q.  I was going to say, it's not only you, Hennie Otto was in the same group, and he had problems?
CHRIS WOOD:  Well, we passed him.  He was sat in the car and we were sort of almost to a jog when we got past his car.  Yeah, I think we were the first to sort of think, let's have a go and get out and walk, and everyone sort of seemed to follow.

Q.  I presume you've walked to the golf course at home in the past, but nothing like this on The European Tour I guess?
CHRIS WOOD:  No, my parents were always very good at directing me to the golf course, so, yeah, that was a first today.

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