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June 21, 2012

Fabrizio Zanotti


Q.テつ An excellent round to start the tournament, tell us about your game.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Well, I played very well, made good putts and that double‑bogey, I only had hit one bad shot and made the double.テつ But I played really good.

Q.テつ How were playing conditions, especially in the afternoon, we saw very many birdies throughout the day.テつ How was the course playing in the afternoon?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ I think it was a little bit‑‑ the greens are a little soft, but the course is in good conditions.テつ Just a little soft.

Q.テつ You've been playing not too bad lately, not very constant, but placing yourself on top of the leaderboard going into the second round?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Happy to be there.テつ Tomorrow just try to make the same like today, come and play shot by shot and see what happens.

Q.テつ What did you do with the two eagles?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Driver, 3‑iron and driver, 3‑wood.

Q.テつ How far was the putt on 13?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ This one, four metres.テつ The other one, one metre.

Q.テつ Tell us about it, because it looks a lovely score out there.テつ Was it easy?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ No, but very good.テつ My putter today was very good.

Q.テつ I've spoken to you on so many occasions when you've shot good, low scores, and I don't think I've ever seen it come quite like that with two eagles, a double‑bogey thrown in and so many red figures, as well.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, normally it's more like, I don't know, boring, my card.テつ This one was pretty funny but happy.テつ Very happy, because when I made the double, then I made the birdies again and then I make another bogey.
So I keep fighting and keep concentrating and I keep calm.

Q.テつ It's not often that you even get two eagles on a card, but they seemed like exceptional ones, as well, where you knocked it in and just a nice, comfortable chance at the end?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, I made the first one, and the second one, I just hit a 3‑wood to the green and I hit a great shot, one‑meter putt.テつ That one‑‑ the putter was easy, but the other two shots, also.テつ

Q.テつ I take it you're finding the fairways out here and then having good approaches into the greens, which have stayed well despite being very soft for the afternoon?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, yeah, actually I hit pretty good.テつ Very happy with my shots from the tee.テつ I missed some but you can hit all of the fairways.

Q.テつ We feared there would be some horrible scores because of all of the rough, but did you come out thinking there would be something low, especially having seen what they have shot in the morning?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ I think the scores‑‑ the course is a little soft.テつ If the course is playing hard, I don't think we have these scores.テつ But this is what we have.テつ So you have to maybe keep doing birdies.テつ But depends on the weather, we don't know what's going to happen.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on leading a tournament, because it's not the first time and you must be getting more and more used to it?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yeah, that's good for me, getting used to that.テつ Keep trying.テつ I work a lot, and pretty happy to be there again.

Q.テつ Did you take a lot out of that Spanish Open when you were there all the way through the tournament and just kept it going?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:テつ Yes, you try to remember the good tournaments.テつ But actually, all of the days you have different thinkings, but that's pretty hard, also.テつ In this time, I'm just trying to have fun on the course, and be positive.

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