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June 21, 2012

John Daly


MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Thank you for joining us.  Give us your assessment of a 68.
JOHN DALY:¬† Very solid, could have been better, could have been worse.¬† One of those rounds I'm happy I hit a lot of fairways; a lot of 3‑woods were really, really solid today.
This course is hard when you don't hit the fairways, and I hit some quality golf shots.  There's a few putts, a few birdies I could have had more, but I made a couple good saving pars today.  So now I'm very pleased.

Q.  On the third hole, you went to the super, what did you ask him?
JOHN DALY:  I just wanted to see on 3, the bunker, there's a lot of deer track in there.  I just thought I would ask the question, if your ball ends up in there.  I figured you would not get a drop or anything.  I just wanted to ask.

Q.¬† Was it‑‑
JOHN DALY:  It was hoofs, like deer prints.  Rabbits feet are smaller.  Looked like deer to me.  I figured I knew what the answer would be; if you rake the bunker, it's like a footprint.  If it goes in there, too bad.  Just asked the question to satisfy my mind a little bit.

Q.  Unusual for an American to play golf here.  How do you get along with the players here?  I saw you had a chat with Alvaro.
JOHN DALY:¬† Yeah, we've played a little bit.¬† I've played with him a few times on this tour and we became pretty good friends.¬† So we just had a great chat.¬† It's fun, I just asked him how he's been.¬† I haven't him in a while.¬† Same with Paul Lawrie.¬† We've played a lot of golf over the years together‑‑ not a lot, but a lot of tournaments, paired up together.
Just more a competitive friendship, and we don't like go out and eat and stuff.  But one thing I've always loved about the Europeans every time I've come over, they hand me their phone number and say, if you need anything let me know.  And Paul and Alvaro are like that, and that's really cool.
That's one of the reasons I love coming here, the players are so cool.  They are straight up, when I screw up, they tell me I screwed up and when I do good, they say, you've done good.  There's no B.S. and that's how it is here and that's how I am.  Seem to get along better with people in my life that way, as well.

Q.  How do you spend the evenings here?  Do you change your lifestyle somehow?
JOHN DALY:  A little bit.  I don't really go out and eat a lot, but I like to watch movies when I'm overseas.  You know, when I get a little break from the kids, I like to sleep a lot.  Very peaceful for me over here.  It's not like I go and get in a car and go somewhere and eat.  I just hang around the hotel and watch a lot of movies and just catch up on some sleep.

Q.¬† I hope I'm allowed to ask you a private question because sometimes it influenced your professional career.¬† Can you give us an update of your personal situation?¬† Is everything solid or are you in a relationship?¬† You're talking about your kids‑‑ is everything just the way it should be right now?
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, it's really good.  One of my daughters just turned 20, the other turned 17.  And little John is with me, he has a break with his mom the two weeks that I'm here, and it's all good.  I've got a great girlfriend who has my back and takes care of all of the stuff that I had to take care of over the years and it just makes it easier to play golf right now, it really does. 

Q.  How much do you appreciate the situation it is right now and how much do you want to work on it right now to keep it like that?
JOHN DALY:¬† Everything is a working day progress.¬† It makes it a lot easier for me to go out and practise.¬† I don't have to worry about the business side of things too much.¬† Bill is writing things like I used to do, and makes it easy for me.¬† Anna makes it easy for me to go out and play golf.¬† She has a 7‑year‑old daughter as well and they get along really, really well.¬† She just makes it a lot easier for me.¬† Probably one of the first women in any life I've had that has my back and worries about me and not herself.¬† She's one of the most unselfish human beings I've been around.¬† She's always worrying about how I'm doing.

Q.  You won the BMW International Open in Munich with the lowest score ever; what score will we see on Sunday?
JOHN DALY:  I don't know, this course is a lot harder.  This course, the two times I've played here, the rough, you could almost aim in the rough and still know that you could get it down on some of the doglegs and get it down there far enough where you could have sand wedges on the greens.  You can't do that here now.
So the premium is the fairways.¬† And I would think anywhere from, you know, 12‑ to 16‑under would be a great, great score here to win this tournament.¬† It's just not that easy.¬† The par 5s, if you hit the fairways today, you could get to all of them but if the wind comes up a little bit, makes it more difficult.
The holes don't let up.¬† You can't really pick a hole‑‑ well, you know, if I do this, I can make an easy birdie.¬† There's not a lot of easy birdies out there.¬† You've got to work for them.

Q.  On your second or third, the ball went into this rough that you described as hay yesterday.  What did you hit?
JOHN DALY:¬† I chipped out with a 9‑iron.¬† That was the par5‑‑ I get the holes mixed up because they have changed.¬† I think it was the par5 13th‑‑ no, 16.¬† Yeah, 16 is the par 5 by the tree there, yeah.¬† I just chipped it out with a 9‑iron.

Q.  Is it true that you have to rely on being invited for this long?
JOHN DALY:¬† Being invited to the tournament?¬† Yes, for exemptions and stuff.¬† If you play decent‑‑ if I start playing like I am now, hopefully I'll get a few more.¬† Like I say I'm probably on ten, with the Nationwide event, or maybe being in the first week of our FedEx, that could be 12 or 13 weeks, and the British Open counts as both tours.
From here I go to Ireland and then I go to West Virginia for the Greenbrier, John Deere, Canada, Reno, our PGA and the Wyndham and I'm sponsored by Pilot, so I'll play the Nationwide event in Knoxville, come over for Switzerland and I've got the Alfred Dunhill, as well. 
This is the first time this year I've actually been able to get on a nice, steady run.  It's been tough not getting any exemptions on our West Coast.  Torrey Pines I won 2004, and they didn't give me a spot.
Like I said, my goal is try to keep my European card and if something great happens in the States with some of those exemptions I get, that's great.  But the goal is still to keep my European card, and hopefully the end of the year, play a lot of European events.  Love going to Hong Kong and I really love the Portugal Masters, the golf course; the scores are real low, but hopefully I can play in that.  The Italian Open is one of my favourites, as well.  Still a lot of golf left.

Q.¬† The guy who walked with you with the trousers, he told us that you‑‑
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, there's a friend of ours that actually we met in San Diego at Torrey Pines and he wears a lot of Loudmouth stuff.  It's great.  The company is doing really, really well but also it's great to see the fans wearing them.  That's pretty cool.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:  Thanks for joining us.

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