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June 21, 2012

Matt Kuchar


Q.  It was hotter today than it was last Sunday at the U. S. Open?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah.  It's warm.  It's hot here, the humidity.  It's funny, just in the last two days, yesterday it switched on a dime.  And I think the weather is going to continue to improve, get nicer and nicer as the week progresses, but fun to be here.  This is a fun course and some birdie opportunities, and just really a fun golf course to play.

Q.  You hadn't been here the last two or three years.  Fit it back into your schedule, even coming from the West Coast.  The folks here I know appreciate it?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah.  I'm excited.  My grandparents live just down the coast in Madison, Connecticut so I'm excited to get to spend a little time with them, and actually today is my 34th birthday, so I get to spend a birthday with them.

Q.  Happy birthday.
MATT KUCHAR:  Thank you very much.

Q.  Conditions out there today?
MATT KUCHAR:  Fantastic.  Fantastic.  A little breeze helped the humidity just a little bit, and the course is just perfect as far as playability.  The ball runs out a little bit on the fairways, the same with the greens.  It feels like they're soft because of last week's conditions, but really it's in great shape.

Q.  Evaluate your round.  You were 4‑under after six and looked like something really big was going to happen and that kind of leveled off.
MATT KUCHAR:  I started on 10 and I think 10's the side with more birdie opportunities.  So played well on the back side, got to 4‑under through the turn, actually birdied 1 and was 5‑under and had some hard holes on the back.  I played some good golf and just unfortunately got in some bad positions and made a few bogeys.

Q.  Good luck to you, though, the rest of the week and happy birthday.

Q.  First and foremost, happy birthday.  34 today, is that accurate?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah.  34 today.

Q.  June 21st, typically the longest day of the year, first day of summer?  Started off 5‑under through 10 and obviously wasn't as good coming in.  What was the difference in your first ten holes and your last eight.
MATT KUCHAR:  I started on the back side and I think the back side has the real birdie opportunities.  You turn to the front side and there are a number of tough holes.
This course is a good setup because there's a good mix of difficult holes where you have to step up and you just have to hit a good shot.  And then some birdie holes and holes where you gotta take advantage.  I took advantage of the holes on the back side and a couple of the tougher holes got the best of me.  I thought I hit some good shots and they just turned up in some tough positions.

Q.  I was looking at your schedule.  I think you've only had two weeks off since the Masters.  Why are you playing so much?  I'm just curious, coming off the U. S. Open, traveling coast to coast, why did you decide to continue to play here at Travelers this week?
MATT KUCHAR:  Travelers is great.  They set up a charter for us.  Getting back was really easy.  We left Monday morning, got here Monday afternoon, but my grandparents live just down the coast in Madison, Connecticut.  So it's a fun week for me to be here.  It's fun to play this course, but to be here and spend my birthday at my grandparents' is a cool thing.

Q.  Well, enjoy your day and good luck the rest of the week.
MATT KUCHAR:  Thank you.

Q.  (Inaudible).
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, it was okay.  I grew up in Orlando, Florida.  Yesterday was tough.  This was a pleasant morning.  Had a little breeze.  Really wasn't that bad.

Q.  Enjoy playing in weather like this?  Do you like it when it's hot out?
MATT KUCHAR:  Rather this than cold.  Growing up in Orlando, Florida this is kind of what I'm used to.

Q.  You said you have grandparents in Madison?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  Have they lived there all their life?
MATT KUCHAR:  Certainly as long as I ‑‑ yeah.  Been there a long time.  Not all their lives, but then there a long time.

Q.  Are they coming up today?  You said you're going to celebrate down there?
MATT KUCHAR:  I think they're meeting me for lunch.  Yeah, I think they're here.

Q.  Did you visit them a lot, like during your high school, college days and stuff?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, yeah.  We'd come up, they played a little course Madison Country Club.  I can remember going out and playing golf in the evenings, going looking for balls in the woods and thinking that was a lot of fun to do as a kid.

Q.  Could you talk about your ‑‑ you come off a U. S. Open, it can be so draining.  Could you talk about the mindset because a lot of guys go a lot of different ways with their scores coming off the U. S. Open.  Could you just talk about that a little bit?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah.  You've got ‑‑ some days feel like a letdown.  You've just played a tournament where so much pressure and so many people, so many eye balls to come to a different tournament.  It's not the same high, but for me coming to a PGA TOUR event it's a big deal.  Any PGA TOUR event you play in is a big tournament, one that there's not a guy out here that wouldn't want to win it.  So I come here excited to be here.  It's a course I haven't played in a while, but a course I enjoy playing.  You can see guys being tired, being fatigued from last week.  Last week was a real challenge.  I had two weeks off before the U. S. Open.  So for me I still feel pretty fresh.

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