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June 21, 2012

Jerry Kelly


Q.  Jerry, well played out there.  4‑under in the opening round, you got off to a quick start.
JERRY KELLY:  Thanks.  You know, I started out hitting the ball really well and then really got up‑and‑down well from there.  And you know, I was giving myself birdie chances and not quite making them.  But again, the par saves were probably the key to my round today.

Q.  Yeah, those par saves involved particularly just 24 putts in the opening round.
JERRY KELLY:  Is that all?  Hmm.  Felt like 18.  (Laughs).  But I'll go to the range, and I think I know exactly what I was doing.  Just get it done for the next three days.

Q.  It's kind of been an up and down season for you this year.  You come here where you went to school at Hartford.  Does it kind of energize you to be out here?
JERRY KELLY:  Yeah, it does.  And you know, missing Augusta and the Open, had the last two weeks off and I had to take serious stock in my game.  I had to figure out if I'm going to go one way or the other way.  And definitely just want to rededicate myself, both mentally and physically.  And you know, that's kind of the way I came out today and this week was to kind of reset the program a little bit and be a little nicer to myself and maybe everybody else.

Q.  Well, congratulations on the 66.

Q.  Thanks very much.  Well done.  Another lifetime, this man played hockey at the University of Hartford.  Do you ever remember it being this hot in this city?
JERRY KELLY:  It's tough.  Yesterday was really tough.  We had a breeze, and this morning it kind of took care of us, but I'm glad I'm not going to be in the afternoon.
I was hurting yesterday.  That was a tough afternoon.  So straight to bed and room service and now I can kind of ‑‑ I gotta go into the rock pile a little bit right now.  So it's right back at it.

Q.  You started this morning with three consecutive birdies, so all of a sudden you're feeling great, aren't you?
JERRY KELLY:  It was good.  And then I realized what I got out of them, and I did it for most of the day until my last shot of the day, I kind of realized what I warranty doing.  So hopefully I'll hit it a little bit better on the next three days, keep that putting up to snuff like it has been and have some fun.

Q.  Didn't play last week.  I guess you missed Augusta, too.  And I know that you're chomping at the bit.  So I'm curious when you come here to Hartford, which is kind of a second home game for you, what does it do to you as far as putting energy back into your system and desire to play?
JERRY KELLY:  I'd say that's exactly it, the energy and the desire.  You know I've always got the desire.  Sometimes I take it the wrong way and push it a little over the top.
I really wanted to reset myself, and I think the last couple years, you know, I haven't been that much fun to be around.  I haven't been that much fun to play with.  I haven't enjoyed myself a whole lot.  So you know what, I had to take stock, and you know, I'm getting older.  I started missing majors and I don't like that.  What am I going to do?  Am I going to go off into the shadows or am I going to reassert myself and enjoy the game and try and play hard again and that's what I'm planning on doing.

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