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June 21, 2012

Nathan Green


Q.  Thanks very much.  Well, maybe part of Nathan green's success today was the fact that you were first group off.  So you beat the heat a little bit anyhow?
NATHAN GREEN:  Yeah.  That's probably the only advantage of teeing off at 6:50.  Set the alarm for 4:30.
It was great out there.  The greens are perfect, and it really wasn't too hot.  We got a little bit of wind on the back nine.  But perfect conditions.

Q.  You were just joking that, gosh, it's been a while since we've done a post‑round interview.  I think you've only had one Top 10 since you've won, so one, what's been going on, and two, how important is it to have a round like today to get this week started?
NATHAN GREEN:  It's good.  I had a full head of hair the last time I had a Top 10 or even Top 20.  It's been so long.  It was tough putting even two good rounds together, let alone four.  So it's been tough.  It's been a bit of a grind.
But there have been some good signs there this year (inaudible).  But today was nice.  Didn't really make too many mistakes and made a couple of the 10, 15‑footers that I hadn't been making.  And then to get out there and shoot 5‑under, it's a course I like playing.

Q.  Well, congratulations.  Thanks for your time.  5‑under 65, your lowest round of the season.  What was going so right for you out there today?
NATHAN GREEN:  I just made a couple of putts.  My next best goal was to play one or 2‑under.  It was just good to get off to a good start.  It's been pretty rare the last two years, so hopefully keep it going tomorrow.

Q.  This is your fifth start, though, at the travel Travelers Championship since you had a solo fourth finish here in 2006.  So this must be a course you feel comfortable on.
NATHAN GREEN:  Yeah.  I do like the course.  I generally like the northeast.  It's such a good place to play golf.  I'm used to sort of playing on these kind of greens, and it's a course I enjoy.  I enjoy especially the back nine coming in and if you're playing well on these courses, you can get reachable par 4s and that sort of thing and if you're putting well, the greens are perfect.
So there's going to be some good scores out there.  Today in the heat they make creep up a little bit this afternoon, but I think it's good to go.

Q.  A 6:50 tee time probably didn't sound this good when your alarm went off, but now it's looking pretty good for you; right?
NATHAN GREEN:  Yeah, definitely.  Gives you the full afternoon off.

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