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June 20, 2012

Heather Watson


7‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Great match for the first set, wasn't it?
HEATHER WATSON:¬† Yeah.¬† It was a tough match.¬† I didn't serve as well as I wanted to.¬† I was getting frustrated with it, and after that first set, being up in the tiebreak and it being so close, I was just‑‑I don't know.¬† My game kind of fell, and I lost focus a bit.¬† Before I knew it, it was already 4‑1.¬† Then Lucie stepped up her game and didn't give me anything after that.

Q.¬† In the tiebreak 4‑1, you should have won it from there, shouldn't you?
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, you can say that, but like when you're out there playing, it's very difficult.  I've come back from being down and out, and it happens the other way, too.  So it was tough.

Q.  Good learning experience, though, for you?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah.  Good learning experience.  I have had another few matches on grass, and I feel like I'm going to peak next week (smiling).

Q.  How was the Thai meal last night?
HEATHER WATSON:  Oh, it was unbelievable.  Wonton soup to start and then Singapore noodles for the main.

Q.  That's not Thai food.
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, she made it.  It tastes good.

Q.  It tasted good.  That's what counts?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah.  I wasn't objecting  (smiling).

Q.  A lot of confidence going into Wimbledon?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, for sure.  I mean, Lucie is a great player, and I was with her the whole of that first set.  So I'm going to leave here with confidence.  I'm feeling very ready for Wimbledon.

Q.  At this stage of the season, what would you like to achieve in the next six months?
HEATHER WATSON:  I want to get back into the top 100.  I want to stay fit and healthy and just keep on improving.

Q.  What do you think is the main difference between someone like Lucie and someone like yourself?  Look at that first set.  It was very, very close.  What do you think the main difference is?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, there's not much in it at all.  It's just playing the big points well and just not giving anything away or losing focus and staying with her for every single point.  No matter where you are in the match, just not giving up.
There isn't much in it at all between‑‑like everybody's ability here is just as good as each other's on their day.¬† It's just who can gut it out and, you know, play with the most heart.

Q.  Is that something you try to extra work on, focus on big points and mentality on the big points?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, definitely, because that separates the top players from the ones lower down.
Yeah, I'm really focusing on it and learning how to deal with those situations better.  The more matches I play like this, the better I get at them.

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