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June 20, 2012

Russell Westbrook

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.  So often you guys talk about the process.  Do you feel like the fact that you guys have gone through these steps and the process together helps you stick together and believe in yourselves even when you're in tough situations like this?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Definitely.  You know, this group of guys never give up, regardless of what happens.  We've been through many different situations throughout this Playoffs.  Just another task for us.  We've just got to be ready to play for the next game.

Q.  You guys got to come back in this series to win it.  Can you share with us a favorite comeback story that you might have been a part of or observed looking at any level of basketball?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:¬† I don't really know too many.¬† I don't really know none, honestly.¬† The only one I can remember is‑‑ it wasn't like a big comeback, but the one we just had against San Antonio, down 0‑2.¬† That's the only one I can think of.¬† We were down, and everybody said the series is over, and then we came back and won the series.¬† That was a comeback for us, I thought.

Q.  How did you guys get that one done?  And what can you take from that one into this one?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Staying together, just keep fighting, keep going at it, keep coming in and working every day, and I think that's what we did.  Watch film, learn from our mistakes, what we need to do to win the game, and that helped us out.

Q.¬† I know last night you said, hey, we didn't win so you don't care about numbers or anything like that.¬† But have you had a chance to think about the historic nature of your game?¬† Not too many 62‑percent‑shooting, 43‑point games in NBA Finals history.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Not really.  I haven't really had an opportunity to look at that part of it.  But like I said yesterday, I can't really be too happy about what I done because we didn't win.  It doesn't matter.  There's probably a lot of different guys that put up so many points or so many amount of rebounds, and nobody remembers it.  The only thing that people remember is if you won the championship, and that's all that matters.

Q.  Speaking of that, despite the phenomenal game, you made the mistake there in the last 13 seconds on the foul, a lot of confusion among most of us.  We didn't know the rule.  Can you tell us what was going through your head on that jump ball and what you were thinking when you fouled Chalmers?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  For some odd reason, when the jump ball occurred, there was about maybe 0.4 seconds on the shot clock, and I was just thinking like it was 13 seconds left, so if they won the tip, then we were going to have to foul.  But I forgot that you get five seconds once the jump ball occurred again, and I just forgot.  Just a mental error on my part.

Q.  Kendrick Perkins seemed to suggest after the game that the rotation change in the first quarter contributed to their comeback.  He said all of a sudden we changed and adjusted to what they had going on.  Did you get a sense of that, as well?  What's your take on that?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  You know, Coach has been making decisions all season long.  Can't really fault anybody for one loss.  My take on it is just things happen, teams make runs, we just have to adjust to it.  They were going to make a run, they weren't going to give in on how we started the game.  I don't really pay too much mind to the rotation that was going on.

Q.  When you go back and look or maybe you have gone back and looked at the game from last night, not looking at the points but how you were able to get it, what do you take from that and apply that to the next game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Just stay aggressive.  I just tried to come into last night's game being aggressive, trying to stay in attack mode and trying to find a way where I can speed the game up a little more.  I felt we were playing a little slow in the previous games, and I just tried to come out and find a way where I can speed the game up and get in the paint and help me teammates out, as well.

Q.  What's it going to take for you guys to go back to Oklahoma City?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Toughness, man.  Just got to come out and play with toughness.  Any way we do it, we've got to find a way to get a win.  That's all it is.

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