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June 19, 2012

Jayce Boyd

Sherman Johnson

Mike Martin

Scott Sitz


Florida State テや 4
UCLA - 1

COACH MARTIN:テつ We all know that the pitching was definitely the key to the game.テつ Scotty was just outstanding.テつ Hunter came in and did a great job and then he finished it up.テつ No question the sixth inning was the big inning that Scotty showed that his nickname is evident because he was the Bulldog.テつ You get the bases loaded against a team as talented as UCLA and get a run in and get out of it is just a credit to him.テつ Certainly it was big for us.
We knew that there were still nine outs left, but at the same time, it was a tremendous, tremendous lift for us.テつ Jayce laid down the big bunt, and Devon did such a great job of being head's up and rounding the bag.テつ I've been trying to do this a good wall, and man I'd love to take credit for that, but Jayce read it on his own it was an outstanding night, a couple for him, a couple for Devon.テつ It was a team win, but certainly it was dictated by the outstanding pitcher.

Q.テつ Scott, you showed a lot of emotion tonight on the mound.テつ Can you put into words just how badly you wanted this win tonight, and how much that mustache played a part in it?
SCOTT SITZ:テつ The mustache, I mean, it just really was kind of something that Robbie bet me I wouldn't do.テつ It just kind of the sixth inning when they had the bases loaded and I had already given up one run, I was think to go myself, that's all I get because Coach Bell preaches to us, and if the bases are loaded, the most they get is one.
I was just thinking to myself, this could be the last batter that I face, so I've got to get him, and I gave it my all.テつ They stuck with me.テつ And after that third strikeout, I don't think I've ever been more pumped up in my life.

Q.テつ During that inning Scott, Coach came out and you talked.テつ What was the discussion?テつ What was the emotional ride for you there at the end getting the last three to strikeout?
SCOTT SITZ:テつ I don't even know.テつ Just a great feeling to get those three outs.テつ I was really happy they had faith in me to get those outs, because I know we had guys in the bullpen that could come in and get the job done.テつ I was really happy with that, and that I got out of the situation with only giving up one run.
It's just I couldn't even believe the last batter swung.テつ I had to go back in the dugout and ask our catcher if he swung.テつ It was just an awesome feeling.

Q.テつ Scott, just how much confidence do you have in that breaking ball slider that you throw?テつ It seems like you went to it over and over again with the bases loaded, right?
SCOTT SITZ:テつ That was one of the main pitches I used in that inning.テつ But that was probably the best I've ever thrown my breaking ball all year.テつ I honestly have been working on it all year.テつ I guess I finally found everything that I was doing wrong and fixed it, and came up with some quality pitches tonight.

Q.テつ Jayce, can you take us through that bunt and what was going through your mind once you laid it down?
JAYCE BOYD:テつ I've been struggling at the plate a little bit.テつ Haven't gotten very good swings on the ball.テつ I told Meat, if that third baseman's even a step behind the bag, I'm laying one down.テつ I don't even think the pitch that I bunted was anywhere near the strike zone.
But I knew the element of surprise would have been gone if I let it go by.テつ Just try to lay down the good bunt so the pitcher couldn't field it.テつ We got two run as cross with it and got two runners in scoring position after that.

Q.テつ Sherman, could you talk about the patient approach you guys took today?テつ It seemed like it had an affect on the early pitchers certainly?
SHERMAN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah, that's always our approach as hitters.テつ Of course we're more and more patient than most teams, and it worked out today.テつ I hit had the pitches early in the zone that we think we can handle, and we didn't see those.テつ We got walked, and luckily, it turned into runs for us.

Q.テつ Coach, break down Scott's performance, and also the bullpen.テつ In past years sometimes the bullpen struggled a little bit.テつ It's been great this year.テつ Just talk about that crew?
COACH MARTIN:テつ Yeah, that's what we've tried to do from day one was to incorporate a number of our guys.テつ Certainly we were comfortable with bringing Hunter in in the inning before.テつ But Scotty's pitch count was not very high at all and was continuing to throw the balance well.テつ His velocity was there, and that's why we stayed with him.
But I think the main thing we've tried to do is be consistent to our approach of when we bring people in.テつ Hunter, we knew, was going to pitch an inning because Scotty‑‑ the number 9 hitter, Williams, did a great job of fouling four or five pitches off, and at that point, we knew this was his last inning.
So we were very pleased that Hunter came in, got us in the dugout, and did a very good job of pitching the 8th inning.テつ So it's one of those situations that just happened to fall right he gave us 6 and 2/3, I guess, and Hunter gave us 1 and a third.

Q.テつ Sherman, some pretty good leadoff hitters in this tournament.テつ In the last two games, you had Jankowski, Amaral and yourself.テつ Walk us through your evolution as a leadoff batter and how you see that role?テつ I think you definitely sparked the guys behind you.テつ It was a great day for the top of the lineup.テつ But how have you developed as a leadoff guy?
SHERMAN JOHNSON:テつ It was kind of new for me.テつ Last year I was in the 2 hole, then the 6 hole, and the year before that I was in the 6 hole and the 2 hole.テつ I'm more of a patient hitter, and with the guys that we have coming up behind me, Devon, Ramsey, and Jayce, I just try to get on base anyway I can.
If it's by walks or if it's by hit by pitches or ultimately if it's by hits, anyway I can get on base for them.テつ It's been working out.
I think any time I can get on base, any of those guys behind me that can swing the bat, there are two runs right there.

Q.テつ Coach Savage said he felt like some of your veteran players kind of schooled some of their young players. テつCan you talk about the way your veterans stepped up in the elimination game?
COACH MARTIN:テつ I felt that rammer and Jayce showed that they've been around the program for three and four years the way they played tonight.テつ Certainly Jayce's surprise bunt surprised me.
But I'm just very pleased that guys on our team will take advantage of an opportunity.テつ When, of course, Jayce did that, it was certainly a big key.テつ Scotty has been in the program for three years when things weren't, so‑called, going right for him in the sixth, he didn't feel sorry for himself.テつ He continued to battle and got his team to the bench.テつ That, of course, is a sign of taking charge, and that's what he did in that inning when things went wrong.テつ He just took charge.

Q.テつ Sherman, you guys have Arizona now.テつ Having faced them once, is there any different way you'll go about this the second go round?テつ Do you want any redemption?
SHERMAN JOHNSON:テつ Oh, no.テつ They're a great team, and we know that.テつ We're going to try to play better than we did than we played them the first time.テつ We'll stay with our same approach with batters and pitching‑wise.テつ But I think we'll try to play an overall better game.

Q.テつ Coach, the other thing that Coach Savage said was that Sherman he thought was the best player on the field today.テつ Can you just kind of talk about from your perspective what his presence, experience, and his work means for your offense and your defense?
COACH MARTIN:テつ Aaron, he's a pest.テつ That's the only way I can describe Sherman Johnson.テつ When he faced the guy throwing 90‑whatever, the guy was bringing up little bitty baseballs there in the 9th inning, and Sherman gets up there and goes 7 or 8 pitches, maybe 9 pitches.
There is your consummate leadoff hitter.テつ I've been blessed in this program for a long time with excellent leadoff hitters.テつ So this guy is a true pest.テつ He is no fun if you are in the other dugout.テつ I just thank God I'm in the dugout wearing the same uniform he's wearing.

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