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June 18, 2012

Caroline Wozniacki


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  So how are you feeling at this stage of the season?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  I'm fine.  I'm all good.  Just had some good practice in, and looking forward to the grass.  Only two tournaments, but, yeah, I enjoy playing here.

Q.  This year hasn't gone as well as it might have gone for you compared to previous years.  Are you concerned about how you're going to turn that around?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  No, I'm not really concerned, to be honest.  We're halfway through the season, but there are still quite a few big tournaments left, and I need to keep fighting and keep playing.
It will always go up and down, and in the previous years, as well, it's been great results, some good results, medium results during the season, and it's just about everything has to click, and when it does it just feels like you can't lose or you can't miss a point, and the court seems huge.
You know, that's always what you're searching for, and of course it's not easy and everyone wants to beat you and everyone is trying to find a way to beat you.  Especially, you know, the last two years I have been the player I think that has been playing the most matches and shown most on TV so obviously, you know, the coaches and players have been able to see a lot of things.
You know, it's a good challenge, and, you know, I'm just happy I'm healthy and I can practice hard and give it my all.  We just have to wait and see what happens.

Q.  What are you particularly working on now?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  A bit of everything, to be honest.  I always work on a bit of everything, and again, serve and returns are important, especially on grass, and, you know, changed a few things in my serve with the feet, but just trying to get a bit more pop on it.

Q.  Is there like one big thing you really wish you had in your game, or is it just...
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  I wish I could serve like Karlovic.  (Laughter.)  That would make everything much easier.

Q.  Would you also like to be a foot taller in order to be able to do that?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  No, I'd like to be my size.  I like my height, but I'd just like to be able to serve like him, or Isner is fine, as well.

Q.  You say you were making some changes, but players have worked out how to play you.  Are there any big changes you've made?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  There's no big changes really.  Mostly you just add to your game all the time.  You know, it's all about also being a bit lucky sometimes in some matches, and, you know, key points, and sometimes it's one point that decides the match and all of a sudden you didn't win in the tournament, you lost in the third round, and maybe you would have gone through.
You know, everything just needs to fit.  To be honest, I'm not concerned about my game, because I feel like I'm playing good tennis.  I'm just enjoying to play, and I'm enjoying that I'm healthy and that's the most important thing.

Q.  A lot of times in smaller tournaments we see your father come out and give you coaching.  Do you miss that at the slams?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  No, I don't know.  I mean, I don't really ‑‑I don't think too much about it.  You know, when you're at a Grand Slam, you play and that's it.  It can be an advantage sometimes obviously to have that little input from the side sometimes.

Q.  Are you enjoying being in Eastbourne?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  I do.  I really do.  I got some good practice sessions in.  Went to a few nice restaurants.  I saw there is some miniature golf over here.  I have been here so many times, and I have never seen that.  I'm planning on going there maybe later today.
It's a nice little city, and it feels very cozy and feels like I know most of the people here already, you know.   I was here for the first time I think when I was 14, playing the girls event.  So I feel a bit like a veteran right now.

Q.  What did you make of the goings‑on at Queen's yesterday?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Oh, I don't know.  I mean, of course it's unfortunate that it had to happen and they had to, you know, default him.
You know, I think the only thing he can do is to apologize, and there's not much he can do about it afterwards.  Of course I'm sure Marin, as well, didn't really know how to react after that.  I'm sure he would have liked to have won in a different way.  But, you know, there's really not too much to say about it.
I saw it on TV quite a few times.  I'm just thinking to get something over your shin must hurt, and that looked like it really hurt.

Q.  Do you think that's an inevitable sanction, the match is defaulted and Marin won the title?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Well, I think, you know, after the circumstances, I think that was the right decision to make for the tournament director.
Nalbandian thought the same thing.  You know, of course it was just ‑‑I'm sure he was, you know, sorry that everything had to happen.  He went up to the linesman, as well, and apologized to him.

Q.  Has your training regime coming into this tournament changed because of the work you have been doing with Thomas?  Is your sort of approach different this year at all?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  No, not really.  You know, I always like to work hard.  I like to feel that my body is done after a good day of practice, and I like to know that when I go to bed in the evening that I've done everything I could to be a better player the next day.
You know, that's pretty much it, to be honest.

Q.  But the work you have been doing you have been doing with him?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Well, you know, I've always made small changes.  I made a few changes in the serve already, you know, after Indian Wells.  You know, it's just pulling small things together.

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