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June 18, 2012

Evan Marzilli

Ray Tanner

Tyler Webb


Arkansas テや 2
South Carolina テや 1

COACH TANNER:テつ It was a heck of a college baseball game for sure.テつ Stanek and Astin were very, very good tonight.テつ Our hitters battled.テつ I thought our guys battled hard up there.テつ But their stuff was very special.テつ At least from where my vantage point, I thought they were very, very good.
Of course, Tyler Webb came in for us and just battled his rear end off and gave us a chance to maybe get something going, but we just weren't able to pitch any runs against their pitching staff.
But a great game, and like I said, Stanek and Astin were very special.

Q.テつ Evan, obviously, you guys had a lot of success against Ryne last time you faced him.テつ It was a long time ago, but what did you see it then, what did you see tonight?
EVAN MARZILLI:テつ He came after us again.テつ Just like last time, he came after us with a good fastball, good curveball, he had good control of it.テつ He was a great pitcher, came out, had a great game, I couldn't take advantage of the situation I had and a couple of other places, but he pitched a good game.

Q.テつ Ray, when you had Stanek out front, what did you talk to your guys about their approach?テつ It sounds like you thought the approach itself was good.テつ What were you looking for in terms of their approach?テつ Did you see the approach being good like you said with the pitches?
COACH TANNER:テつ Well, surprisingly they only had four struck out, I guess it was.テつ We battled in there.テつ But I thought their stuff was really good.テつ We just couldn't get in a situation to make too many things happen.テつ I thought Tanner English with two outs, he put a bunt down.テつ Just on its own, that was a play on its own.
You get a run there probably with anybody at first base, except Ficociello.テつ He's great over there.テつ It just wasn't quite inside enough for him to get past it.テつ He made a great play.テつ Just didn't get enough opportunities to push the envelope a little bit or hit‑and‑run because they were pitching so well.

Q.テつ Ray, any thinking in the ninth that maybe you pinch hit one of your sluggers to get some juice in there or get the home run ball or did you like what you had with English and Vergason?
COACH TANNER:テつ Well, Vergy's been one of our better hitters in postseason play, actually.テつ The way that wind was howling and how big this ballpark was, I didn't think anybody would drive one that far.

Q.テつ Evan, you talked about Stanek, but how about outside of the bullpen?テつ He had a good slider.
EVAN MARZILLI:テつ Yeah, their stuff was on.テつ We just couldn't capitalize in those situations.テつ They came out with good pitchers.

Q.テつ Ray, are you comfortable based on what he's done in three days rest before with bringing Michael back Wednesday, did you all decide that he was going to throw the next game regardless when it was?
COACH TANNER:テつ No, I haven't had any thoughts about that yet.テつ We haven't had any conversations.テつ I didn't go into this game anticipating a loss, so I haven't given that any thought.

Q.テつ Now that you're in the loser's bracket facing Kent State, what do you know about Kent State, and what do you look at with a team that took out Florida today?
COACH TANNER:テつ They're very good.テつ I got a chance to watch them in the Super Regional against Oregon.テつ I've known Coach Stricklin for many years.テつ I think his personality is very special.テつ They had a hard‑fought game today, and they were able to hang on and win.
There are only six teams left.テつ So everybody's pretty good, you just hope you can have a good game.テつ I thought we were pretty good tonight as well.テつ We had one run, didn't get any hits, three or four hits, but that's baseball.
But we pitched pretty well against Arkansas, but we didn't do enough to win.テつ They did.テつ So that's the way the game goes sometimes.

Q.テつ Tyler, can you describe your mindset when you went out there knowing you're going to have to go a while?
TYLER WEBB:テつ I just went out there with the mindset to throw strikes and throw as well as I could for as long as I could and try to hold them to the lead they already had and give our team a chance to win.

Q.テつ Ray, could you talk about Tyler's performance tonight and also the fact that since you had to pitch him so long, when maybe do you think he could come back?テつ Would Thursday be too soon?
COACH TANNER:テつ I don't know.テつ I think he hit 80, 81, 82, so he'll be done for a few days, I'm sure.テつ That's what happens.テつ You get into a situation like this and not knowing how the game would unfold, but he's been one of our better guys the entire year.テつ So we obviously went to him a little earlier than normal.テつ But they had two runs on the board, and we wanted to try to play the hold game right there.テつ He's good enough to do that.テつ He continued to hold them.テつ We just didn't scratch for him.テつ So that's part of it.
I'm not sure that he'll be back in a few days.テつ He needs some rest now.テつ But the good news is he did stay out there, so we didn't use anybody else in the pen.

Q.テつ Coach, I know you haven't liked talking about this streak really ever at all, but I've got to ask you about it.テつ Does it set in immediately that NCAA record that you guys set is now over?
COACH TANNER:テつ I realize that we lost, and that's part of it.テつ It was a great run.テつ These guys, some are still here, and the guys that had come before, it's one of those things that you don't know if it could happen or if it will ever happen again.テつ It's been a pretty good run.テつ I'm proud of what these guys did and how they battled.
But Arkansas tonight was a better team.テつ They won, and they advanced.

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