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June 18, 2012

Barrett Astin

Ryne Stanek

Dave Van Horn

Matt Vinson


Arkansas – 2
South Carolina – 1

COACH VAN HORN:  I thought it was a great college game.  Such a big game.  I had a chance to have an extra day off and rest and kind of get some things lined out.  It was just a big win.  I thought both teams played extremely well.  The pitching was outstanding.
I thought Stanek had four pitches working.  Talked to Coach Jorn just a minute ago.  He said it was fun calling pitches because he had four to go to.  Wasn't just one, he had them all.  He did a good job.  He probably could have gone another inning, but he was getting ready to get back to those hitters again.  They had seen him a couple two, three times.  We had a fresh bullpen, so we decided to go with Barrett.  And Barrett came in and did an outstanding job of throwing strikes.  Just about everything he throws moves.  We don't ask him to go out there and strike people out.
We just want him to go out there and make them swing, and that's what he did.  He got some groundballs and some quick outs.  He threw around 40 pitches in three innings, so that's pretty good.
Just enough offense.  I thought we did a good job early in the game working some counts.  Laid down two or three nice sacrifice bunts.  Got a couple of two or three hits, drove in some runs and we held on.  That's just kind of the way we've been doing it.

Q.  Coach, put this in perspective.  You've done what nobody's been able to do in 22 games in this tournament, beat SouthCarolina.  What does this win mean?
COACH VAN HORN:  Well, it's a big win.  We've never discussed it with the team.  I mean, to our team, it's another SEC battle, and we're used to it.  We had 30 of them, and two in the conference tournament that didn't go well.  Just a big win.  They're a great team.
It's almost unimaginable that you could win 22 games in a row in the postseason.  It's incredible.  Hat's off to Coach Tanner and his group.  They've done a tremendous job.  But our guys just came out and did what they do.  Play hard, and throw a lot of strikes.

Q.  Ryne, if you could discuss your outing and how much did it help to get that early couple of runs from a confidence standpoint?
RYNE STANEK:  It's always big when we score runs early.  We know we're working with a cushion, and we can relax, and throw our game and keep attacking the zone.  I was able to throw my fastball for a strike, and mix early, and continue to mix and throw everything for a strike throughout the game.  It's just good to be effective.

Q.  Dave, you kind of alluded to it a little bit ago, but the last week had you to take Ryne out early because he was struggling a little bit.  What was the biggest thing you noticed different from last week to this week?  He's obviously a pretty different pitcher.
COACH VAN HORN:  I think he was a little more under control with his mechanics.  It just seemed easy, smooth.  The fastball was jumping out of his hands, it was easy.  Wasn't like he was overthrowing.  He'd go 2‑0, and he was able to throw a strike.  That was huge.
He just looked like a polished pitcher tonight.  I thought he did a great job on a tough stage.  I was just real proud of him.

Q.  Now that you're 2‑0, everybody else in the [set playing catch up.  What is the mindset now that you're out ahead?
COACH VAN HORN:  We just talked about tomorrow we're going to talk after the ballgame as a team that it gives us another day off.  We're probably going to go visit the children's hospital, and kind of get back a little bit and practice a couple of times and get ready to play on Thursday.  It's not much different.  You just get another day off.  Got to keep these guys busy and go lift up some kids.

Q.  Barrett, just talk about having to go through three against SouthCarolina?
BARRETT ASTIN:  First of all, I want to give credit to SouthCarolina.  They went through 22 games or whatever it is.  First of all, I came in the game and I just wanted groundballs.  I wasn't trying to strike anybody out.
I was pretty effective and didn't throw that many pitches.  But hat's off to SouthCarolina.  That was a good team win for us.

Q.  Dave, I know you alluded to it, you're going to the hospital.  But talk about being 2‑0 and not playing until Thursday night, just what that means for this team and puts you in the driver's seat?
COACH VAN HORN:  Well, that's what you shoot for.  When you look at the bracket on the way up here, you know that if you win Game 1, that's a major plus.  It's the biggest game in the tournament to date, was today further.  Our parents knew that.  It was the biggest game of the year.  And they've heard that 15 times now.
Each time you get along, it is.  Being 2‑0 gives you a chance to rest a little bit.  Use less pitching while they're using pitching.
So anything can happen.  We'll have to make a decision on who we start.  Do we start our number 3 guy?  Do we go back to Baxendale and make the decision there?  But a lot of it has to depend on how things go.
We'll get a couple guys ready and make a decision on Wednesday night.  We'll start on Thursday.  It does put you in the driver's seat because you can sit back and analyze it and figure it out and plan.  If you're 1‑1, you lose, you're done.  So you just throw them all.  We have a chance to put together a strategy, rest up some guys and go from there.

Q.  Matt, just comment about the RBI and two games in the College World Series?
MATT VINSON:  It's a great feeling.  I'm trying to help my team out the best I can.  I keep doing my best.  If there's a guy in scoring position, I'm going to try to get him in any way I can.  So I just happened to get a hit in a couple of games.

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