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June 18, 2012

Udonis Haslem

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

UDONIS HASLEM:テつ Been down in these Playoffs against a couple teams, and we've been able to bounce back, building more and more character every time.

Q.テつ What's your role been?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ It changes.テつ It changes.テつ Got to bring more energy in a smaller period of time and figure out ways to impact the game.

Q.テつ It's your third NBA Final, how has the journey been?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ It's been a long journey, a long journey.テつ It's been a fun journey, though.テつ I always look back to where I came from and where I'm at now.テつ I wouldn't change it for the world.テつ It hasn't been easy.テつ It hasn't been easy at all, but along the way I've built tremendous character.テつ I've met people, friends, that I'm going to say are friends for life.テつ Hopefully I can take advantage of it this time or we can take advantage of it this time.

Q.テつ Are you enjoying the ride?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ Yeah, I'm enjoying it.テつ Every playoff series has been competitive.テつ Obviously the Indiana series was a critical series.テつ They really pushed us.テつ The Boston series, they pushed us mentally, physically, very well coached, veteran guys.テつ And this series, they're young, athletic, very well coached, very talented players.テつ Every team has been more and more challenging.

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