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June 17, 2012

Chris Bosh


Oklahoma City Thunder - 85
Miami Heat - 91

Q. テつFirst of all, how do you feel?テつ How is your health?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ I feel great.テつ I feel like playing another game.テつ It's very encouraging, and I'm excited.

Q.テつ You managed to make a double‑double.テつ I was talking to Erik Spoelstra before that it wasn't your best shooting game, but you do other things on the court.テつ How can you describe your game as a matter of physically playing with the OKC Thunder, with guys like Perkins who had a big game tonight?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ We know this is a physical team and it's going to be a physical series.テつ Every challenge physically that we've had we've overcome it throughout the season and throughout these Playoffs, and we know what it's going to take.テつ We've taken our lumps before, and we know just really how to respond to that.テつ And in order to win, we're going to have to play physical and we're going to have to control the boards.テつ We know that, and we have to keep doing that, and we just have to continue to do a better job of trying to improve.

Q.テつ I know other guys contributed, but we've seen a bunch of times in this postseason when you were out Dwyane and LeBron absolutely took control.テつ Tonight you three at the end of the game put it on yourselves took care of all the shooting, rebounding and free‑throw shooting at the end.テつ How often do you say to yourselves, not last year, not again, us three, our time right now?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Well, really every day we remind ourselves, we think of that pain that we experienced last year.テつ And it really doesn't matter how you shoot the ball.テつ On defense, we have to play solid.テつ We have to give them one shot.テつ We have to get rebounds.テつ Those are things that are effort plays, and you have to have the energy, and sometimes you're going to be tired.
But it hurts a lot worse when you're not successful as opposed to, I guess, your lungs burning and your muscles burning from giving that extra effort.テつ We carry that pain with us.テつ We think about it every day, and that really helps us to succeed in this series.

Q.テつ What's your explanation for the 35 free‑throw attempts?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ For us?

Q.テつ Yeah.
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Taking the ball to the rim, being aggressive.テつ We know that when we're aggressive, we're a very tough team to beat, and that's what we want to do.テつ We want to put pressure on the rim, and we want to attack.テつ And you know, for the past two games, it's really been working out for us.テつ We know that if we get to the free‑throw line those are great opportunities for us to get rhythm, to slow the game down just a little bit sometimes, not letting them get on their fast break, and we're not being passive.テつ When we're doing those things, not being passive, getting to the rim, that plays in our favor a lot more.

Q.テつ After you went down in the Indiana series, Miami Heat has become a one big‑man team.テつ Coming back, how could you adjust being the only big man on the floor?テつ For example, some many pick‑and‑rolls, but you always prefer pick‑and‑pops.
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Well, you know, it's really just about what are you willing to sacrifice in order to win.テつ I talked to the coaching staff right before the season was over, and Spo started really mixing a lot of things up, and he moved me to the five, and it's just something that I had really been fighting my whole career, but not this year.テつ I pretty much knew that he wanted me to be at that position to really help this team out.
We have great shooters, great attackers.テつ We can play that way because Dwyane and LeBron, they're going to live in the paint, live at the free‑throw line.テつ They're going to be in the paint all the time.テつ So sometimes I can space, but most time I can really be a threat rolling to the basket and getting the easy shots and collapsing the defense.

Q.テつ What were you guys doing when you were down 10, late third, you were able to go on a 17‑3 run and also when you were down one in the final 7:30, you went on an 8‑0 run.テつ What was different during those stretches?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Well, just concentrating on the next play.テつ I think before we used to just freak out about what happened and really just staying with the past.テつ You have to have a quick memory in this business.テつ They're a very good team.テつ They're going to make some runs sometimes.テつ It's all about how you respond.
And I think we responded very well, and we just have to continue to do that because sometimes you're going to be behind.テつ You're not going to ahead the whole time.テつ It's not going to be easy.テつ We keep that in mind, and we were fortunate enough to really go on those runs to kind of give ourselves a little bit of a cushion.

Q.テつ Under the hoop you've had some trouble handling the ball and also finishing down low.テつ Is that because of their pesky defense do you think or are you still bracing that injury a little bit?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ No, they have a lot of long guys.テつ They have long wing spans.テつ I know that my timing isn't 100 percent totally, but I'm getting a lot better as time goes on.テつ We know those plays are going to be there.テつ So I just have to get in the practice gym and really work on that tomorrow, making sure I get two hands on the ball, making sure I work on my finishing, because in order for us to win the next game, I'm sure we're going to need a few of those.テつ So I'm going to be ready.

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