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June 17, 2012

Webb Simpson


Q.  How nerve‑wracking was it for you to watch Jim Furyk and Graham McDowell play the last couple of holes?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was nerve‑wracking being, I know what kind of players they are, both have won Majors.  I expected both of them to do well coming in.  I thought even though Graeme had a 25‑footer, it was probably going to hit the hole or have a good chance.  I couldn't be happier right now.  Congrats to Graeme and Michael for playing great golf.

Q.  Your wife, Dowd, who is expecting was watching with you.  This is a special time in your life.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was.  We had a week, just the two of us.  Our little boy is 16 months old and it's been our first week away from him.  It's bittersweet.  We couldn't have a better week.  I needed her with me, because I never felt nerves like I did today.  A lot of times I had to hit my legs, because I couldn't really feel them.  It was a pleasure to have her here and I couldn't imagine being here without her.

Q.  You are a past winner of the Arnold Palmer Scholarship to Wake Forest.  You and Mr. Palmer have a relationship.  This is the scene of one of the most bitter defeats of his entire career in 1966 when Billy Casper came from way back.  There's an irony there.  You were saying earlier you probably expect to hear from Arnold Palmer to congratulate you?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I'd love to.  He's meant so much to me.  He allowed me to play at Wake for years.  I've got to know him a little better through the Bay Hill tournament.  But to win here with what happened to him, I hope he can smile and I hope he was watching.

Q.  Congratulations, Webb.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Thank you very much.

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