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June 16, 2012

Blake Adams


Q.テつ Heck of a round today.テつ Happy?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ 15 of them.テつ It was a wild adventure.テつ I didn't feel like I hit terrible shots, just hit them in the wrong spots and out here that's where you get penalized.テつ But hung in there and I told my caddie walking off the third green that everybody's going to make bogeys, and we're just having to make ours on the first three holes.
So just grind away, plug a way.テつ It's a tough golf course and just kind of stick to our game plan and it worked out.

Q.テつ How do you keep your head up after you have a three hole start like that and in a U.S. Open especially?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ It's just golf.テつ I'm a very, very laid back guy.テつ It's a huge tournament, I know; but for me, I'm very, very blessed to play a game for a living.
Yes, I started out bogey, double bogey, but I mean how bad is that really?テつ So for me personally it was no big deal.テつ I just took it as.テつ Like I said, everyone's going to make bogeys.テつ Yesterday I bogeyed 16 and 18.テつ And so that didn't sit too well.テつ But it's a tough golf course.
For me personally, I just grind away at it.テつ I don't take, I don't have very many highs or low, I'm a pretty even keel guy.テつ I don't let a whole lot bother me, so I just ‑‑ the first three holes didn't work out.テつ And I just hopefully tried to make the fourth one work out and the fifth one and so on.テつ So for me it was just plugging along.

Q.テつ What happened on those first three holes?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ I pushed my tee shot on 1 a hair too much and it went in the rough.テつ Just kind of pitched down there and I missed probably about a 6‑footer for par.
Next hole I pushed a 3‑wood in the rough.テつ Then I had a field day in the left rough with it and ended up 3‑putting from kind of the front of the green.
Then kind of push fanned my shot on the par‑3 and had a tough lie.テつ Left it in the bunker.テつ And then I made a heck of an up‑and‑down for four and then I hit it in there pretty close on it 4, about 6, 7 footer, but it broke a lot, and I missed that one.テつ So I mean it was just a rough start.テつ It is what it is.

Q.テつ You birdied 17 and 18.テつ So you got to feel pretty proud about that?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ Absolutely.テつ 17, I hit two really good golf shots.テつ I hit driver and I kind of choked a 4‑iron.テつ I was thinking 5 and 4‑iron.テつ I choked a 4‑iron and it took off over the green and I thought it was about three counties over when it was running out.
But it ended up in a good spot.テつ I had a really, really fast putt and I was fortunate to almost make that.テつ And then 18 I hit it right down the middle and I was in a divot.テつ Just kind of a back right pin, which was kind of my shot.テつ I hit cuts and so it worked out.テつ I had about a 4 or 5‑footer below the hole.テつ So it was pretty good finish.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ It definitely does.テつ The Masters is my World Series.テつ Growing up an hour from there, but I can't think about that.テつ If I do, I'll have 18 holes like I have had the first three if I do that.テつ So for me, I'll just plug along and like I did and all day and just see where I stack up.

Q.テつ How do you‑‑ to what do you attribute being laid back and how has that, how much has that impacted your game?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ I've just always been that way.テつ My father passed away in 2004, Easter Sunday, Masters Sunday and he was the exact same way.テつ We were very, very similar and I've always been a real laid back guy.テつ I played every sport growing up and I never let anything really get to me.
One of the main things that my daddy just beat into me was I don't ever want it know if you're 8‑over or 8‑under.テつ Just plug along and act like a gentleman, act like you've been there.テつ So I try to do that.テつ I try live my life just even keel.テつ Don't let anything really, really bother me.テつ So just how I am.

Q.テつ Are you doing anything special to honor him on Father's Day?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ I wear black every Sunday.テつ I have ever Sunday since April of 2004.テつ Doesn't matter if I'm in Memphis and it's 110 or if I'm here and it's nice perfect weather.テつ So I always wear all black and have I since 2004, and I'll do it again tomorrow.

Q.テつ What was his name?
BLAKE ADAMS:テつ Mike Adams.

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