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June 16, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  Looking at a day today when the leaders can't hold ground and the guys behind them are starting to charge toward the front?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It's certainly bunching up looking at the leaderboard there.  Probably 35 guys within six of the lead or something like that.  So this venue has a reputation of being a heart breaker.  And the more guys you have in the chasing pack, the more likely that's going to be tomorrow.
I'd like to be one or two better, but I'm still thereabouts.  If I can shoot a great round of golf, probably 66, post it, you never know.
But I know the guys will be having the attitude tomorrow.

Q.  How do you temper the desire to get close to the top against a golf course that's not tailored to let you do that?
JUSTIN ROSE:  You've got to build your round piece by piece and shot by shot.  Today there was some more friendly pins.  And I doubt that will be the case tomorrow.  Tomorrow more than any other day, respect some of the flag sticks that need respecting.  And you've got to hit to the middle of the greens and putt to the corners and hopefully your putter will get hot.

Q.  Does your score dictate your strategy or do the other scores dictate your strategy or do you even go that far?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think that will be a mistake that some of guys might try to make that are five, six back.  And for me another good, solid round of golf tomorrow is all I'm looking for.  And I just want to give my putter a chance tomorrow.  That's my goal.  I don't want to‑‑ there's always something to play for out there.  If you're not going to win it you want to finish as high as you can.  But play solid golf, give yourself a chance.

Q.  What did the golf course give you today to get the score that you got?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It gave you the back nine today.  There were some pins‑‑ they moved the tee up on the par‑3, 15.  There were some left pins that you could work the ball in from the middle of the green.  If you hit the right shot at the right time there were definitely some birdie holes on the back nine.

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