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June 16, 2012

James Harden

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. テつTalk about getting in here for the three games, three home games here for Miami.テつ How hard is that to try to‑‑ do you take it one game at a time?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Yeah, that's our mindset.テつ You can't play all three games at once, so our focus is on Game 3 and how can we improve on Game 3.テつ I think the previous two games we got off to slow starts, so we've got to come out here and just hit from the beginning and take the first punch.

Q.テつ Can you attribute those close starts at all to the season just wearing on you guys and not being this deep before?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ No, we're young, we play 10, 12 guys.テつ There's no excuses.テつ We're in The Finals.テつ Like I said, we just watched the film on how we need to execute early in the games, and we should be better.テつ We have to be better in Game 3.

Q.テつ Talk about your series individually.テつ You had a tough scoring night the first night, and a big one the other night, at least at the start and then the second half not so much.テつ Are they doing something on you defensively that's disrupting you?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ No, not at all.テつ I'm a playmaker, I'm not just a scorer.テつ I make plays for my team, whether I get the assist or not.テつ The second half was me being more passive and me making more plays.テつ We all have to think like that.テつ I think we will.テつ San Antonio series we made plays.テつ Everybody touched the ball, everybody scored, so we're going to have to get back to that.

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