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June 15, 2012

James Hahn


Q.  (Inaudible.)
JAMES HAHN:  I didn't warm‑up correctly.  My upper back, I think I pulled something.  It just didn't feel right.  I didn't have a good practice session on the putting green.  Everything was just kind of off.
It wasn't that I was nervous.  It was just off.  Out here you have to be, putting greens are just so good.  They're fast.  They have a lot of break to them that you have to be perfect out here.  Today I was just off.  I stepped up to the first tee, didn't have too much confidence, and just kind of a continuation of what happened yesterday and double crossed left and everything.  It went through the tunnel.  So it was out of bounds.

Q.  Yeah, you got declared OB then?
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, yeah.  So it's unfortunate.  It's a bad break.  Then I backed it up with a good par on or a double bogey on the first hole, two great shots on hole two and another great shot on hole three.  Hole four I hit two great shots and then I was feeling good and then the wheels kind of fell off.

Q.  You had a little up‑and‑down yesterday as well, but I was going to look for you in the morning because I thought one thing I thought you proved yesterday is that there are some birdies out there, although this whole course is set up to take strokes away from you?
JAMES HAHN:  Right.  Actually, yesterday, it's easier to play golf for me when you do have a couple birdies in your pocket early.  And that's what happened yesterday.
Today I just started off the back, double bogey on the first, I felt like I was chasing.  And having been my first U.S. Open that it's not a good feeling of chasing birdies when the course might not give you ‑‑ I mean the course only gave me one birdie today.  And that was a 30 foot bomb on 12.
So it's just a tough course and I, especially in a U.S. Open, you have to play safe, fairways, greens, 2‑putt, get your par and get out.  And having made double bogey, I felt like I had to kind of get it back as quick as I can.  And then you're going through the gauntlet.
The first six holes are the toughest holes.  I think I was 4‑over today on those four holes, 4‑over yesterday on ‑‑ or those six holes ‑‑ 4‑over today on those six holes today as well.  And I tried to get it all back at once on hole 7 and I added too many strokes, so that's golf.

Q.  It's been an incredible couple weeks.  So give me your feeling about the nice run you've been on and what do you take from this?
JAMES HAHN:  Right now the feeling is I'm extremely disappointed.  It's Olympic Club is one of the best golf courses in the world, and I would love to have made the cut in my first U.S. Open, play the weekend.  I have a lot of friends and family that are out.

Q.  And some other gallery too?
JAMES HAHN:  And some other gallery too, right.  And I know everyone's been real kind to me saying keep your head up and it was a great run, but I just wanted to give back in a way.  I just felt like I let everybody down.  I know I didn't, but I just feel that way.  It would have been nice to finish on Father's Day at the U.S. Open.

Q.  Did you start on 1?

Q.  Tell me a little bit about the tee shot, because it was in a place where not empty balls end up.
JAMES HAHN:  Right.  I had picked out a good line, once again it just goes back to my warm‑up routine that I had earlier this morning.  And my fades were big slices.  Not sure if I was just tight.  I wasn't nervous on any of the shots, pretty much wasn't nervous all week other than the very first tee shot that I hit on Thursday.
But I felt good over the ball, everything was just ‑‑ yeah, so going back to it, my fades were big slices, so I was aimed pretty far left and I was going to peel it to the right.  It's down left‑to‑right wind, so everything's helping it to the right and I just figured just go put a good swing on it and I actually put a really good swing on it and it went straight.
So that's what I get for putting a good swing on it.  I should have put a bad swing on it.

Q.  Did it kind of set the tone and make you wonder the next 17 holes?
JAMES HAHN:  Exactly.  Right.  It's just golf.  Walking down the fairway I felt that I heard Phil lost one in the trees on Thursday evening still made bogey.  So my goal at that time was to let's see if I could do a Phil Mickelson and feel like if I could get away with bogey, at least it saves the momentum of the round.  But I walked away with double bogey and then I was break backing it up with great swing after great swing, and I felt like I could get through that gauntlet and then I bogeyed five and six and seven I just kind of it took me by surprise there.

Q.  You're at the U.S. Open, a lot of people can't say that.
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, it's definitely, having the best week of my life, this is everyone's been very generous and very supportive of me this week, and I really appreciate that; and it's just, I just really wanted to give back, see if I could just make the cut and it would have been nice to say a thank you to everyone for coming out and showing support.

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