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June 14, 2012

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook


Miami – 100
Oklahoma City – 96

Q.  Kevin, can you talk about the slow start and how you guys can break this pattern?
KEVIN DURANT:  Oh, man, that was the game.  We can't start off down 18 to 2.  Thinking about it, though, I think we got some good looks.  We missed a few chippies, lay‑ins, but we can't get down that much, especially at home.  We've got to correct it.  We've got to just stay positive, man.  That's the whole deal.  We've got to come ready Game 3.

Q.  Russ, what were you guys able to do in that fourth quarter to get yourselves back into it and give yourself a chance?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Defend.  We weren't taking the ball out every time down the court.  We weren't getting stops, getting down in transition, playing our game.  It's tough to do that when you start off a little slow, you fall back and try to get the game at the end.

Q.  Russell, your first couple minutes there's a difference between playing aggressive and playing too fast.  I think you've talked about that.  Were you playing too fast in the first couple minutes?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I didn't think so.  I just thought I was playing my game, got easy shots that I usually make, lay‑ups, just playing my game.  Just unfortunately the shots weren't falling.

Q.  Even with five fouls you were driving, you had the dunk, you had the blocked call on Battier.  Describe your mentality.  Did it change at all with the fifth foul?
KEVIN DURANT:  It's tough to play with five, play with four in the third.  It's tough, but I've got to stay aggressive.  I tried to stay aggressive.  I tried to keep my team in it.  They believed in me, and we had a chance.  We had a chance, man.  It's tough.  It's tough to lose that one.  But like I said, I've got to stay positive.  We've got to stay positive and watch film and get better.

Q.  Can you talk about the last play when you were down two with 12 seconds left, what you saw, what you had set up and what you saw and how the play developed?
KEVIN DURANT:  Well, we were supposed to run a little pin‑down play, but Fish made a great pass.  I was open, and I missed the shot.

Q.  Kevin, that shot with 12 seconds to go, you got a pretty quick look.  Was there contact, and do you wish you would have maybe done something else not quite so quick?
KEVIN DURANT:  You know, I think I shot a good shot.  That's a shot I shoot all the time.  I just missed.

Q.  Was there contact?
KEVIN DURANT:  I was just worrying about the shot.  I really couldn't tell you.  I've got to watch the film, I guess.

Q.  Great second half, great fourth quarter, but slow start for you offensively.  Was that something Miami was doing or something you were struggling with offensively?
KEVIN DURANT:  Yeah, it was just me.  It was just me.  I've got to make shots for my team.  But I think on the defensive end, we all have to be better, and we can't really worry about the offensive end.  We missed shots, but we can't let it dictate our defense.  But I've got to stay positive, keep working, and we're looking forward to a Game 3.

Q.  Are you saying you don't think you got mugged by LeBron on that last play?  You don't believe you were fouled?
KEVIN DURANT:  I missed the shot, man.

Q.  Can you talk about the match‑up with LeBron?  It seemed like he was able to get to the basket basically when he wanted to until he put up that three there late in the ballgame.  Talk about his ability to get to the basket.
KEVIN DURANT:  Was that a question?

Q.  Yeah, can you guys keep him from getting to the basket?
KEVIN DURANT:  We've just got to help each other out.  We've got to close the paint out.  He's a strong guy, he's getting to the rim and he's getting the calls, and we've just got to do a better job.

Q.  Kevin, from a defensive standpoint, how difficult are Dwyane and LeBron to deal with when they get that mix of taking turns initiating down the stretch?  Did that kind of dictate things defensively to you?
KEVIN DURANT:  Yeah, they're tough.  They're tough.  They're two good players.  You know, LeBron made a tough fall away off the backboard, Dwyane made a tough fade‑away.  I think with two or three minutes to go, Shane Battier hit a banked three.  Made a few jumpers in the fourth.  But we gave ourselves a chance, so we've just got to stay positive, keep pushing.

Q.  What did Bosh bring to the table for them differently in the starting role?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  He did a great job of rebounding.  I think he helped them out, tipping balls, getting extra possessions, just doing his job.

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