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June 14, 2012

Casey Wittenberg


Q.  Looked in pretty good shape?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  I tried.  Something I mainly focus more on the off‑season.  Things are slowly starting to come together.

Q.  Talk about today, just generally about your game.  A pretty good score.  The afternoon was a little harder?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  Definitely.  I had a lot of‑‑ even though you have run ups on these greens, if you don't get it to the green it barrels back down the fairway 40 yards.  To play this afternoon and start off with a bogeyand never make another one the rest of the day and only had one birdie.

Q.  You played for the Nationwide Tour.  You're starting to get back where you want to be.  You're controlling the ball pretty well.  How do you account for how you got there?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  I started working with my instructor, Adam Schriber.  It's still a work‑in‑progress.  I don't think where we necessarily all want to be.  Anthony Kim is one of my best friends, and I really respect him for what he's accomplished in the game.  I felt like he's always been pushing me to go towards Adam a little bit.  And after struggling a little bit I decided I'd make the switch.
And Adam has been a great influence on me.  He's a great mind, a good person.  And he takes‑‑ take Anthony's knowledge with how good physically talented he is, I can't hit the golf ball quite like Anthony can, but to be able to have that knowledge of how to pull shots off, how to hit shots, Adam has been able to help me hopefully have a more well-rounded game.

Q.  The theories that he uses, and some of it is strength theories, being able to control the ball better, not being tired through the rounds.  Have you found that working?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  No doubt.  Even with all the background teaching and stuff that I had as a kid, it was not even on the same spectrum as when I started with Adam.  It's very interesting stuff.  I hope that it continues to help me.

Q.  I was there when you almost won the U.S. Am and turned pro.  And I think your expectations were maybe different coming out what came about.  You seem now you're probably on the path you wanted to be back then.  Has it been a struggle for you?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  There's no doubt.  I'm not necessarily where I want to be in my golf career.  I'm not blessed physically with Tiger's strength or height or distance, so that's why I started working with Adam.  He's been able to get a lot of speed out of guys.  And for me to be able to play the kind of golf I wanted to play, I had to find a way to get it.  Going to the gym wasn't negative getting me what I wanted.  I went into some biomechanical stuff with Adam.  It's a work‑in‑progress, but I like hopefully where it's going to go.

Q.  How do you feel about the golf course tomorrow?  You've got a better chance of scoring in the morning, because the greens‑‑
CASEY WITTENBERG:  The greens will be a little better, even as pure as they are out there, they were a little bumpy out there for the speed that they are.  Arguably the golf course might play easier, it will be easier to hold the ball.  The golf ball is hard to keep in the fairways.  So hopefully I can get off to a good start on the first six, and the golf course kind of opens up after that and I'll see where it goes.

Q.  Obviously if you do well, it's a big jump for you.  But at the same time you don't want to put too much pressure on yourself.  Where do you find the balance in this?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  Unless I were to come out here and finish in the top three or four, it really wouldn't do much for my career this year.  It's just kind of a fun week, it's one of those things, my fifth one, it's something I cherish being able to come here and play in The Open.  I'm going to Wichita next week, unless something crazy happens.  It's a good experience, and it's a good test of your game, especially this golf course.
You've got to work the ball both ways.  And that's something I've been working on with Adam.  It's not there yet, but it will be a good test this week.

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