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June 14, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  Wonderful round of golf, capped by a marvelous shot on 8.  Talk about the round.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Obviously it was a great start getting off to a sub‑70 round in a Major.  It's the kind of golf course that I didn't really know what to expect.  How the guys were going to figure it out.  How they were going to play it, but obviously Michael Thompson had a great 4‑under par round.  But to take him out of it, obviously we're right where the U.S. Open wants to be, even‑par golf.
I think that it's going to be very interesting to get the course that quickly to this point.  It's going to be fun for the rest of the week, at least they can do whatever they want with it from this point.
So it was fun out there.  You had to hit great shots to keep it in play and you had to hit great shots to get it close to the hole, but the greens as we know were pure enough that you save yourself if you were out of position.  So I think it offered something for everybody.

Q.  There's always talk that this contest would be decided at or around par.  And that three or 4‑under par should, could be almost considered par, if you will, and to just to be able to go out there in the first round and see red number up by your name, talk about that.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Obviously it's just a good start, not getting too wrapped up with that.  I think this golf tournament more than any other you just have to stay in the momentum, you can't get ahead of yourself for one second out there.  So as of this second now I'm not even thinking about round one anymore, it's just about my first tee shot tomorrow.  It's going to be along hard week ahead of all of us and that's really my mindset.  This tournament more than any other really rewards that kind of thinking.

Q.  You used the word fun twice.  For you is it the tougher the better?  Do you enjoy the challenge?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it's sort of sadistic fun; but, yeah, you have to hit great shots.  Great golf shots get rewarded.  Mediocre stuff gets penalized for the most part.  So I think it's very important to stay positive out there.  I think it's easy to start to steer the club and when you know how much trouble there is out there on the golf course.  But if you keep focusing on trying to hit that great shot, for me that's the way to stay positive.

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