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June 14, 2012

Andy Lopez

Mike Martin

John Savage

Matt Senk


THE MODERATOR:テつ Our group today, Stony Brook, 52‑13 out of the America east, playing UCLA at 4:00 o'clock.テつ They're the winner of the Coral Gables Regional, and Baton Rouge Super Regional.テつ Head coach Matt Senk, 621‑388 and 3 in his 22nd season down in Long Island.テつ And Jeremy Cohen is the baseball SID.テつテつテつテつ
UCLA, John Savage, the Bruins 47‑14 on the year, out of the Pac‑12, the No. 2 national seed.テつ The winners of Regionals and Super Regionals in Los Angeles.テつ John is 274‑205 in his 8th season in UCLA, 362‑289‑1 in his 11th career season, and Alex, his baseball SID.
University of Arizona, Wildcats 43‑17 out of the Pac‑12, playing Florida State tomorrow night at 8:00.テつ The winner of the Tucson Regional and Super Regional.テつ Andy Lopez, 359‑246‑1 in his 11th season at the Old Pueblo and 1085-664‑7 in his 30th season as a college head coach, which includes the 1992 National Championship at Pepperdine.テつ Blair Wilson the baseball SID.
Florida State, 48‑15 on the season out of the ACC No. 3 national seed.テつ The winner of the Tallahassee Regionals and Super Regionals.テつ Mike Martin, 1721‑592 and 4 in his 33rd season in Tallahassee.テつ And Jason, the baseball SID.
Coaches, I'm going to ask each of you to give an opening statement, and then we'll open it up.テつ Matt, we'll start with you.
MATT SENK:テつ Thank you very much.テつ It goes without saying that we're extremely excited to be here.テつ We're also extremely proud of our players and how they've performed through the Coral Gables Regional and then on to the Super Regional at LSU.テつ So far the experience has just been truly unbelievable, and we're looking forward to hopefully continuing to play our very best.
We've had some outstanding coaches up here that we'll be competing against and some outstanding teams.テつ We're looking forward to the challenge.
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ We feel the same way.テつ We're honored and excited to be back in Omaha after the 2010 run that we made.テつ That is the first time we've been back since 1997.テつ This group of players junior class is one of the best classes in UCLA history.テつ They've won the most games and been to Omaha two of the three years.テつ Very proud of those guys.テつ Kind of the post Trevor Bauer and Gerrit Coleera.テつ They've had an edge to them all season, played a terrific schedule, played with Andy's team, and survived that.テつ Went through the Regional at home against Creighton and NewMexico and San Diego.
Then we beat TCU in the Super Regional to so these guys are excited.テつ Last time we were here, we were at Rosenblatt, so it's two different mindsets.テつ A beautiful ballpark, and we're just excited to be back and proud of our team and looking forward to playing on Friday.
ANDY LOPEZ:テつ We're excited and thankful.テつ It's always a joy when you come to this setting and allow your guys experience what they've dreamed about day‑in and day‑out.テつ They have dreams of being in Omaha.テつ They have dreams of playing in this tournament; and when it comes to fruition, it really is a blessing.テつ It's really something that you don't take for granted in any way, shape or form.
The main story I would think in our situation is my athletic director, Greg Byrne had a vision to move us from our campus facility to Hi‑Corbett Field.テつ The one time home of the Colorado Rockies, and it really has just kind of blossomed and taken off.テつ We've had great crowds, played extremely well at home.テつ Had kind of a home‑field advantage.テつ We're able to host for the first time.テつ We've been postseason seven of the last nine years, eight out of the last ten this year.テつ But never at home, always on the road.
We were able to be at home this year for our Regional and Super Regional.テつ It's been a real gift to our young athletes to get this situation in their systems.テつ A chance to play in such a great field.テつ We're always appreciative of it.
I will say this on a personal note, any of you young guys out there when somebody tells you time goes fast, my wife and I have been married for 29 years, and 20 years ago we were blessed to come here and actually play well and win a national title at Pepperdine.テつ When we left Tucson, Arizona, my wife said I'm going to show you something when we land in Omaha.テつ We got to the hotel room, and she pulled out a photo of my now 22‑year‑old son holding on to my leg during the National Championship.テつ Now I can't get him to shave.テつ He's got a full beard.テつ He's 6'4", he's in my program.
So to all of you young people out are there, time does go quickly, but we're thankful for being here.テつ Thank you.
MIKE MARTIN:テつ Like these three gentlemen, we're just excited to be here.テつ It's amazing what these men have accomplished.テつ When you look at how difficult it is, and in Andy's situation, when you don't go to the series for three, four, five years.テつ And believe me, I know what that's like.テつ It's quite a challenge and he got it done.
You look at John after the 2010 season, and losing all that he lost, and turns around a year later and he comes back.テつ There are not enough words to describe what Matt's done.テつ That's just phenomenal.テつ We know we have a very exciting series ahead for the entire City of Omaha, and all of us are very proud and happy to be here.テつ If you look at our season it was one in which we knew it was going to be a little different because we had so many freshmen in the rotation.テつ Right now they're not freshmen, but they did an outstanding job all year.
We go into the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament and get it handed to us three straight times.テつ That was a lot of fun.テつ It was a real short ride back.テつ But I can't say enough about the young men getting it done in the Regional and Super Regional.テつ Here we are, the place that everybody is trying to get to when they start working in late August.
So, it's setting up to be an exciting show for the people here in Omaha, and we're just 1 of 8 that are very proud to be here.

Q.テつ Matt, with all the new‑found attention that you guys have kind of generated here in the last few days, how do you think that's going to effect your team?テつ Is it good to get all of that out of the way right now as opposed to‑‑ I guess what I'm asking is it going to carry into the game and how do you guard against that?
MATT SENK:テつ I've been explaining to the guys all along that we wanted to enjoy the experience, playing, for example, last weekend in Alex Box Stadium.テつ We've heard everything about Alex FOX, and we can go two ways.テつ We could either be intimidated by the situation or embrace it.テつ And to my players' credit, I think they embraced it, and we're trying to do the same this week.テつ We're looking to strike a balance.テつ Today was amazing.テつ The autograph session was just blowing our minds.テつ And the people of Omaha, since we've been here have been absolutely incredible.テつ But our attention will be turning back to baseball.テつ And they feel very good about what they've accomplished to this point.テつ I think they don't want to disappoint.テつ More than anything, they don't want to disappoint each other, and not go out there and play their very best.テつ So that's a balance we're hoping to strike.

Q.テつ John, with all the attention that Stony Brook has received, do you think you're laying in the weeds a little bit as much as a number two overall seed could lay in the weeds?
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ Well, they've earned everything they've got, and everybody up here has done that.テつ To win over 40 games last season, and to win over 50 this year, to have seven players drafted, to a batting average over .330, E.R.A. under 3.テつ To go through the Coral Gables Regional along with LSU Super Regional, they deserve everything they're getting.
We know and have a ton of respect for them and their program and their players.テつ So, you know, we faced it a little bit in 2010 with TCU.テつ TCU was certainly the fan favorite, and I use the word embrace a little bit like he did.テつ It's baseball.テつ You've got to go out and play.テつ You've got two good baseball teams going at each other, and that's the way it should be.
We hope the stadium's filled, and if everyone is pulling for them, that's what college baseball is all about.テつ So we'll embrace it, and go play.

Q.テつ Coach Martin, having been to the old park so many times, can you just talk about what the new park is like and kind of your reflections since you've been here?
MIKE MARTIN:テつ I guess the only way I can describe it is I started driving a '49 Ford, and now I'm driving a Denali.テつ It is‑‑ this place is phenomenal.テつ I tip my hat to Dennis Pope, and the City of Omaha.テつ This place is just fantastic.テつ I've had the pleasure of walking around, checking it all out.テつ Mama wanted to know where she was going to be sitting tomorrow night.テつ But it's extremely well done.テつ Gosh, to be able to get a hot dog and walk around to centerfield and never lose sight of the ballgame going on, that's quite a feat.
So it's‑‑ I'll just say this, I was going to take the family back to Rosenblatt tomorrow because I know they're demolishing it next week and I've changed my mind, because I don't want to see Rosenblatt like it is now.テつ I want to remember the hill, the beautiful ballpark.テつ I was told that that I wouldn't want to hit my golf ball out there in centerfield, because I might not ever get it out, it's so thick.テつ I'm going to remember Rosenblatt like it was.

Q.テつ Matt, a lot has been made, especially early in the season about the difficulty northern teams have of getting into the NCAA Tournament let alone the College World Series.テつ Do you think with your appearance here and Kent State's appearance, that that's kind of blown away the argument that the structure is unfair to the northern schools?
MATT SENK:テつ I don't think it's blown it away.テつ I don't know that it's, you know, ultimately unfair.
Last year we had a terrific team.テつ We had a terrific team last year, and we didn't get it done in our tournament.テつ That's kind of the life of a northeast school, for sure.テつ You've got to take care of your business in the tournament to get into the national tournament.
I'm hoping that what UCONN did a year ago and what we've done, what Kent State has done, St. John's has done for a few years now, that things may be changing I think ultimately what will make the most change is the Stony Brooks, and St. Johns, and UConns do it on a consistent basis.テつ Once we get to that point, then I think we've taken care of our own business.

Q.テつ Coach Lopez your starting pitcher, Kurt Heyer, had kind of a rough go of it last time around.テつ The way he is wired, is there any concern at all about sending him out there tomorrow?テつ How do you think he's embraced Omaha in the College World Series so far?
ANDY LOPEZ:テつ I think he'll do fine.テつ I give more credit to St. John's.テつ As Matt would say, St. John's is a great club when they come into Tucson.テつ I was thoroughly impressed with them.テつ Tough outs, good arms on the mound.テつ They could have easily won that Super Regional.テつ I would not have sat in Tucson this weekend and thought, boy, we really didn't do a very good job.テつ I thought St. John's is a very good club.
We had one bad inning, gave up six or seven hits, gave up five runs, and shutouts before, and shutout innings prior or after that, I should say.テつ He's really competitive and he understands what he needs to do on a day‑to‑day.テつ He's been our Friday night starter.テつ He understands what a Friday night starter has to do to give us chances.テつ He's got a chance to get going offensively.テつ I really think he'll be fine.
Hopefully Coach Martin can help us out a little bit on that.テつ No, he'll be all right.テつ He'll be fine.

Q.テつ I know you guys have balanced clubs and like the pitching staffs, but given the caliber of offense on the side of the bracket, are you guys prepared for maybe a high scoring bracket here?
MIKE MARTIN:テつ With the conditions it's hard for me to expect a lot of runs scored from anybody in this game.テつ It's obviously a very talented eight teams.テつ But conditions do have a way of keeping production down.テつ With the arms that are here, you've got to look at the fact that they all know how to pitch.
It's setting up to be, in my opinion, one that was similar to last year.
ANDY LOPEZ: テつI would agree with coach.テつ I've never been here myself.テつ I've watched BP, our guys.テつ Wind blowing a little bit, crosswind, what have you.テつ I think it's going to come down to a couple of big at‑bats.テつ I'm not sure if it's going to be a three‑run home run, but it's going to be a couple of big at‑bats, maybe ball in the gap, something of that nature.
But it's going to come down who is going to pitch well, who is going to throw strikes and play defense, and a couple of big at‑bats.
I don't know.テつ I know what Rosenblatt felt like (laughing).テつ I don't know if this is going to feel like that.
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ I agree with both coaches.テつ It's a bigger ballpark.テつ Plays differently than Rosenblatt.テつ The three‑run homer was a couple of pitches away at that ballpark.テつ Things can change fast.テつ This ballpark, like I've never coached at this park, obviously, but just by watching the World Series last year and looking at Creighton's numbers this year, and you know there are talented players here, and that could change in a hurry with some offense.
At the end of the day, I think this field is suited for the best teams, really.テつ Like Andy said, the teams that pitch and throw strikes and play defense and can manufacture runs.テつ There seem to be a lot of hits out there.テつ It's a big yard.テつ Whenever you see that, there are hits.テつ You've just got to know where they are.
Like Coach Martin said, I don't know about in the air, and the ball flying out of the ballpark, I don't know that you'll see a lot of that.テつ But I think if you have a long swing and different things, this isn't a great park for you.
I would say on the flip side, it would be more of a defensive and pitching type bracket.テつ But until you go out and play, you don't quite know.
MATT SENK:テつ I'm clearly going to agree with these three guys.テつ I'm not going to disagree after all they've done.テつ But from my perspective, we go into every ballgame with the emphasis on pitching and defense.テつ I can only tell you where we're coming from, we're going to try to pitch and play defense, and let the offense take care of itself.テつ Whether it's the opponents pitching or field conditions or wind conditions or whatever.テつ That's kind of where we're at now.テつ We're expecting to take care of the baseball and then go from there.

Q.テつ Coach Savage, you listed all of Stony Brook's stats and how impressive they are.テつ But when you scouted them, what really stood out to you as the most impressive aspect.テつ Was it the pitching allowing one earned run, and 25 innings to the starters of LSU or something about the hitting?
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ I think it's they don't give the bats away.テつ That's the number one thing.テつ Watching Tyler throw, Johnson, which obviously we have some familiarity with him.テつ It was fun watching him compete.テつ He's done that for four years.テつ I hadn't seen him, really, in four years.テつ But these guys have done a terrific job with him.テつ It's a credit to him.テつ Complete.テつ They can run they're left‑handed.テつ These guys are the Yankees.テつ But they're not making it up.テつ I think anybody that's watched him would say the same thing that knows baseball and seize what a good team is all about.テつ I would say complete and tough are the two words.

Q.テつ Coach Lopez, earlier this week, Coach Martin talked about your relationship from back when you were in Gainesville, and he mentioned that when you were leaving, you actually reached out to him.テつ Can you just talk about your relationship and also about their team this year?
ANDY LOPEZ:テつ It started back in '92, I think.テつ He came out to Malibu for some reason.
MIKE MARTIN:テつ Came out to see what it was like to win a National Championship.
ANDY LOPEZ:テつ I was in my office, coach and I, and he came out and introduced himself.テつ I had always known coach admired him, but never got a chance to meet with them.テつ We share a common faith.テつ We both Congress to Christ our Lord and savior.テつ Came out, chatted, we talked and I got hot at the right time.テつ We won a national title.テつ Get hot at the right time, and I'm evidence of that.
You know, get hot at the right time.テつ Lo and behold, two, three years later, I'm hired at the University of Florida, and we're now arch rivals.
I think one time we got in trouble because someone called my radio show and said it was a love fest.テつ We talked before the game, I'd give him a hug, he would give me a hug.テつ I'd ask about his wife.テつ He'd ask about Linda, and I'd ask about his kids.テつ Someone called up the radio and said it looks like a love fest out there.
I was like, gee, I didn't know I had to hate the man.テつ I've always admired coach.テつ He's a phenomenal baseball coach, which is really pretty special.テつ He's a great human being.テつ Has tremendous perspective on what we're doing.テつ What kind of significance do you make in young lives?
You just watch his programs.テつ His players play hard all the time.テつ Yet they're very, very competitive.テつ Then on the top of that, boy, they're good people, J.D. Drews and the Shults of the world, at least when I was in Gainesville.テつ They're good people.テつ They've got good people this year.テつ But he does a marvelous job of getting ready to play.
Good human being.テつ Good human being.テつ I got thrown out one night in Tallahassee.テつ I don't know why, but I got thrown out one night in Tallahassee for some reason.テつ I'm not even sure why.テつ I sat behind home plate, and J.D. Drew's family were there, and they were talking to me through the whole game.テつ I actually walked away thinking that wasn't a bad experience (laughing).テつ I think the world of coach.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
COACH:テつ We've got to control Ramsey.テつ But if he's on base, they're going to get going.テつ Every time I've watched him, if he gets on base, that offense is clicking into a new gear.テつ They're good in every aspect of the game.テつ It's a typical Florida State club.
I agree with Coach, they've done a great job. テつMike's done a good job.テつ Coach Bell has done a good job with those young arms.テつ For those freshmen arms to be pitching at the level they're pitching at, it speaks volumes for Coach Bell and what he's done with them.
It's a club that's a little bit bigger physically, I think than in years past.テつ At least it looked like it.テつ Drew and those guys running around, he's got some big bodies out there.
But I think Ramsey is the key in terms of trying to contain him.テつ You're not going to stop him.テつ But try to contain him.テつ Don't let him get on base five times, maybe just once or twice.テつ But, again, they play good defense.テつ I'm really impressed by those young arms.テつ They do a good job of doing what they need to do for the young guys.テつ I'm going to check birth certificates.テつ (Laughing).

Q.テつ John, you said you had seen Howard Johnson four years ago.テつ What did you see of him then and what's he look like now?テつ Is he completely different?
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ He's a pitch‑ability guy.テつ He pounds the strike zone.テつ Doesn't give in.テつ Coach can describe him a lot better than I can.テつ But he's a warrior.テつ He'll go high pitch count if he has to.テつ You know, his stuff seems to stay the same throughout the game.テつ Throws the breaking ball when he wants to for strikes.テつ It's a great story of a guy that went from Los Angeles out there, and wasn't highly recruited.テつ But at the end of the day, anybody in America would have him.テつ He's pitched into Omaha.テつ What else can you say?

Q.テつ Congratulations to everybody for making it to Omaha and best of luck to all of you.テつ In our first interview with the coaches this morning, they were talking about some of the little things that would impact the game on the final score.テつ We were talking a little bit about small ball, guys in the outfield when there is a gap, hitting the cutoff guy and lining it up to cut down a runner, hit‑and‑run, just the little things.テつ Talk about that and then enlighten us about your defense.テつ What makes your defense so special because I think that's a big key thing about how your defense works?
MATT SENK:テつ Our defense is very cliche, but it's about being strong up the middle, you've got to start with Travis Jankowski.テつ He just has done an amazing job for us defensively.テつ He's, in my opinion, he's worth the price of admission just to watch him play defense, never mind him coming to the plate.テつ His ability to track down balls, his instincts, his athleticism are just absolutely outstanding.
You can make a strong argument that we have as good an athlete behind the plate in Patrick Cantwell.テつ Patrick has done an amazing job for us.テつ He's a high energy guy.テつ He's our spark plug.テつ He basically calls the entire game.テつ He's thrown runners out at an extremely high percentage.テつ Over 70% this year, which is off the charts.
Then Maxx Tissenbaum on second base has been playing there since freshmen year.テつ Cole Peragine, another Canadian that's come in as a freshman, and has played.テつ Like he's been there for three years, and you have that sort of strength up the middle, it allows our pitchers to feel comfortable with pitching and contact.テつ Our outfielders can run a little bit.
So, again, it's a comfort zone for our pitchers, especially, to be able to go out there and know that you put the ball in play, you've got Travis tracking it down, and the middle guys taking care of business.テつ If somebody gets on base, it is a good chance he's going to throw them out.
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ I think our strengths, I don't know if we're the best defensive team in the league.テつ I think Arizona was.テつ They're terrific defensively.テつ But it starts with our catcher and our centerfielder as well.テつ Beau Amaral, a terrific player, has roamed centerfield for us for three years.テつ Tyler Heineman, a great story.テつ Never played, very seldom the first few years.テつ First team all Pac‑12.テつ The 8th round pick of the Astros, and should have been playing, I guess, the guy was fantastic all year.テつ Our outfield can run two with Gelalich and Kiefer and Beau.
Trevor will be at first more likely tomorrow, and then we have a freshman at third.テつ We're athletic.テつ We can run.テつ Then again, our pitching was not what it was in terms of power pitching, by no means.テつ We pitched to a lot of contact, and we need defense to be in ballgames.テつ So we rely on those guys to go get the baseball.
ANDY LOPEZ:テつ Amaral, I still can't figure out how to get him out.テつ I'm thinking, my God, he's the best offensive player I saw all year.テつ But our club is similar.テつ I know when they came into Tucson, they did a marvelous job on the weekend on us.テつ I remember driving home thinking that is a really good match‑up.
We probably have had the good fortune at the University of Florida to have coached David Eckstein and Mark Ellis, two guys up the middle.テつ Tremendous players, but their intangibles were just off the charts.テつ David Eckstein, everybody knows about David Eckstein.テつ His make‑up was ridiculous.
Our shortstop, Alex Mejia is similar.テつ He's as close to David Eckstein as I've coached in my coaching career.テつ It's almost scary how much he will not let his club lose. テつIt's pretty impressive day‑in and day‑out.テつ When we suit up, we practice, in a drill, he truly is the key to us in terms of our defensive abilities on the field.
He will definitely be a factor in some capacity in every game.テつ I've had three years with him now.テつ It's a neat story, like John's catcher, one big, highly recruited kid.テつ Truth be told he showed up at our summer camp.テつ I've known his dad and played against his dad in Los Angeles and high school baseball, college baseball.テつ We went on a couple of recruiting trips.
I ended up going to UCLA, and his dad went to Pepperdine.テつ Showed up at camp and he ran an 8, 360.テつ I looked at his name on the back and said, are you related, and before I could finish he said, yeah, my dad said to say hello.テつ I said if you're like your dad, I'm going to keep you in Tucson.
He's come down and done everything he needed to do, knocked the weight off his body.テつ He was Pac‑12 player of the year, Pac‑12 Defensive Player of the Year as well, fourth rounder with the St. Louis Cardinals.テつ Just a tremendous story for young people out there.テつ Again, give him a chance, and he takes advantage of it.テつ He is the hub for us defensively.
I'm not taking anything away from Mejias‑Brean our third baseman.テつ He's an outstanding player and Joey Rickard in centerfield.テつ When it's all said and done, he's probably the biggest factor for us defensively.
Starting pitching, we go with them for a long, long time.テつ It's not because I don't like going to the pen, but I don't like artichokes, so I don't eat it very much.テつ My wife loves them, but I don't.テつ Like our starting pitching, so we stay with them for a long, long time (laughing).
I have nothing against artichokes, and I have nothing against our bullpen, but I really like our starters, so we go with them for a long, long time.テつ That is pretty much the case.テつ We run with our starters as long as we can, and Mejia runs the defense for us, and it works for the most part.
MIKE MARTIN:テつ I think in our situation, it's no question that the defense is what helped our freshmen get their feet on the ground.テつ We have two returning players.テつ In fact, they're juniors and three year starters, short and second.テつ Centerfield, Ramsey's playing it for the first year.テつ He played a little bit in the Cape last year, and he's really turned into an outstanding centerfielder and exceeded what I thought he could do.
The young man behind the plate, Stephen McGee is the brother of Mike McGee, who is the two‑way Player of the Year two years ago.テつ The word warrior was used earlier.テつ This guy is amazing because we did not plan on him being our starter, and we recruited a young man that we thought would be the starter and Stephen McGee beat him out and has gone on to catch more innings than Buster did in '08.
I didn't think anybody would catch that many innings, but this guy has really been a key part of our club.テつ The defensive side is what everybody up here preaches because they know the importance of what one mistake can do to you.テつ That's been a real reason that we've had a little bit of success this year, because we've played good defense.

Q.テつ You've all coached for quite a long time.テつ Congratulations if anything else.テつ That's quite an achievement.テつ My question is the change in the make‑up of general players.テつ You go back ten years ago and take today's kids, to what extent are they different, and to what extent do you have to be different to relate to them?テつ I'm talking about mainly talking about the communication part.
MIKE MARTIN:テつ To a degree they're a little bit different.テつ But they're still just young men that want to play baseball, and they want to learn to play the game right.テつ We, as coaches, have a way that we want to teach it.
They're not going to change what their thinking is because some guy was told to hit like this in high school.テつ They're going to hit the way the coach teaches.テつ If that young man conforms to it, he'll play.
When people ask how they have changed, it's the coaches that might change sometimes, but not many times.テつ The kids are the same, as far as I'm concerned as they were as they were 30 years ago.テつ They just want to have opportunities to play.
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ I would agree with Coach.テつ I make this statement to my athletes about once a month.テつ I played at UCLA and had a great time doing it and all the rest.テつ But I tell my athletes, I couldn't do what they do on a daily basis.テつ I'm sure it's the same with all these programs as well.テつ I would probably not make it.
I remember I was caught in the weight room in '74 the UCLA, Gene Bleymaier who is very successful as an AD at Boise.テつ They were both in the same hometown.テつ He was a tight end on the football team, both grew up together in San Pedro, California, and snuck me into the weight room, and I was scolded for it.テつ I wasn't trying to get big.テつ But I was scolded for being in the weight room in 1974.
Now if our guys aren't in the weight room, we're upset with them.テつ So that starts at 6:00 a.m. and then they go to classes and have study hall somewhere in the middle of the day, and then they have practice with us, and study hall later in the evening.
They have the computer world, and forgive me for this, but my SID will say I'm the most ignorant computer guy in the world.テつ But they have their internet and all of that, and Facebook, and all of that.テつ But I say it all the time.
I agree with Coach 100%.テつ I think young guys want to be here.テつ You talk about playing in College World Series and their eyes light up.テつ That's been the case for me for 20‑some odd years in terms of talking about being in the World Series and their eyes light up.
I think it's pretty impressive.テつ I'm in awe of my guys in terms of what they can do on a day‑in, day‑out basis.テつ I make the statement to my wife that I don't know how they have a life sometimes, but I know they do.
I'm impressed with young people nowadays.テつ The problem is, and I alluded to it earlier with Alex Mejia.テつ I coached David Eckstein.テつ In 2009, I had a bunch of knuckle heads, and everybody asked me about the knuckle heads.テつ I've been asked 15 times in the last couple weeks about the 2009 team and it's a bunch of knuckle heads.テつ But nobody asked me about David Eckstein.
But we're drawn to the knuckle heads all too often.テつ The reason I'm here, not these guys, but the reason I'm here is I've got good guys that love to play.テつ I get credit for it.テつ So I don't know.テつ I think young people want to be successful, want to do the right thing.
I learned a long time ago, they'll walk if you let them, Andy.テつ They'll walk if you let them, so I try not to let them walk.テつ I try to make them hustle.テつ That's about it.
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ I don't have a great answer.テつ I would think communication would probably be the one thing you have to stress now because people want to text and not talk.テつ At least in our program, we took over eight years ago, that is the one thing we stress is communication among each other, talking to one another, getting to know one another.
But these guys know a lot more than I do in terms of where guys were, and where they are today.
But I agree with Andy, everybody here has good chemistry teams or else you wouldn't be here.テつ They have teams that get along, teams that are talented, teams that have leadership on the field.
You can have a great coach.テつ But if you don't have chemistry and leadership in the clubhouse, I don't think you get there at this stage.テつ So I don't have a great answer to the question, but I just throw my thoughts in and move on.
MATT SENK:テつ I don't know how much I can add to this as well.テつ But I'm not exactly sure.テつ I don't know if it ended in my playing days when the coach tells you to run through the wall, and you would do it and not question it.テつ Ten years ago, I think players were exactly like the players they are right now.テつ 20 years at Stony Brook you're talking about Division III, and they were a pleasure to coach because they weren't worried about scholarships and things like that.テつ They were playing truly for the love of the game.
That doesn't mean the guys we have now don't play because they absolutely love the game, because I witnessed that firsthand all season and over the last several years.
Maybe now you get asked more questions and you do have to make more explanations as to why you're doing things.テつ But as the player and what makes a player a player change, I don't think that's changed much.テつ Quite frankly, my sense is from these gentlemen that we've had some really, really good players come to Stony Brook, and we have a certain way of doing things.
If they have a better way of doing it, then I wish them the best for whatever it is they're going to find whatever college team they were going to start with or something like that.テつ You know, it's always ultimately about the team.テつ It always comes full circle to that, and that's kind of where we're at on that.

Q.テつ Can each guy give us your starting pitchers in the first and second games.
MATT SENK:テつ We'll start Tyler Johnson tomorrow, and then throw Brandon McNitt on Sunday.
JOHN SAVAGE:テつ We'll go Adam Plutko on Friday and Nick Vander Tuig on Sunday.
ANDY LOPEZ:テつ Kurt Heyer Friday and Konner Wade on Sunday.
MIKE MARTIN:テつ Brandon Leibrandt tomorrow and Myke Compton Sunday.

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