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June 14, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q.テつ Tough day?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ I was a little off here and there.テつ First hole got a bad lie.テつ Couldn't move it out of the well number nine hole, but our first hole of the day I couldn't even move it to the fairway.テつ Then I hit a bad swing on the third.テつ What is that, No. 11.テつ Bad swing there for a quick bogey.
Then on 18 I double bogey cost me a lot.テつ Club got twisted, club on the chip got twisted and I got an awkward spot there and missed the putt.テつ So a quick double there.テつ A quick 5‑over.
Even with a birdie.テつ Just couldn't get anything going.テつ Never got any rhythm just everything was just a little off.

Q.テつ Looked like you and Phil were both struggling.テつ Tiger obviously was pretty steady?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ He played pretty good.テつ Yeah.テつ Tiger, that was the old Tiger.テつ That was beautiful to watch.テつ That's what we all come to see.テつ That's what we all want to watch and that was awesome to see him strike the ball look.テつ He made a couple bogeys but under par on this golf course is pretty good.

Q.テつ What do you think about that long par‑5, only you tried to go driver?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ 6, I didn't like it today.テつ I made a six.テつ If I birdie it tomorrow I love it, because at least I'll be here tomorrow.

Q.テつ How far did you have?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ I wasn't going for the green.テつ I was just trying to get it somewhere down there.テつ Because that pin, I was trying to slice it over to the right, or over to the left, because that pin is immaterial possible to get at.テつ I hit a sand wedge out of the rough to the center green where trying to play smart and ended up off the green off to the side, so.テつ It's kind of a difficult shot.

Q.テつ What makes the tee shot on 7 harder than the others?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ What hole is 7?テつ Short par‑4?テつ Well because the green is not playable.テつ When you hit it, if you hit it in the left, had you if you hit tonight left you can't stop to know the green.テつ So everybody's trying to hit it right.テつ Sometimes just because it we're hitting a driver or hitting a wood, we're not going for the green.テつ We're trying to go to one side and so that's what we were trying to do is everybody was trying to keep it the right so you could have it back up into that hill back up into that little mound on the green there so we can have a shot.

Q.テつ Thoughts on the golf course overall?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ It beat me up today.テつ It's winning by, it's beating me by eight right now.

Q.テつ Is it a good golf course for the championship?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Yeah, just not good for me.テつ It's a lot better than I am.テつ That golf course is too tough for me.テつ But we got another day to try to fit and but there's you're always going to have guys that shoot low.テつ Tiger Woods is always going to shoot low.テつ Other guys will play good and Tiger going to play good.

Q.テつ What were the crowds like?テつ Augusta‑type or different?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ They were like a Major.テつ Big crowds, lot of people.テつ Everybody cheering for everybody.テつ Everybody pulling for good shots.
That's what you want.テつ You want a Major Championship.テつ Everybody's looking for good shots.テつ They understand out of the rough to hit it 30 feet close to the hole is a good shot.テつ They cheered for that.テつ That was the old Tiger.

Q.テつ What specifically did you see that made you think that?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ His swing.テつ He hit every shot shape he was trying to hit.テつ I didn't see any bad swings.テつ I didn't see any bad shot really.テつ He hit every shot, he shaped it the way he wanted to shape it.テつ He played pretty good.

Q.テつ Was it hard not to get caught up in what he's doing, obviously this is your round you want to get your game going in the first round, but to see him?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ We're not watching what anybody else is doing.テつ I'm struggling on my own.テつ I don't need to worry about anybody else.テつ You just know at the end of the day he had a red number by his name and I had 8 over.テつ At the end of the day I know he played pretty good.

Q.テつ How did your strategy of hitting bomb drivers work having shorter shots in?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ I shot 8 over.テつ So not very good.

Q.テつ How does the rough play from with short irons?テつ Is it manageable?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ I shot 8 over, so not very good.テつ You could answer these yourself.

Q.テつ After the Masters win, people looking for maybe a real good U.S. Open for you.テつ Is it doubly disappointing to start off like this?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ It's, yes, it's disappointing starting off like this doesn't matter what tournament.テつ I missed the cut at Memorial.テつ The golf course, it's a tough golf course.テつ It's very tough.テつ For me it's obviously not good for me, I shot 8 over.テつ But it's one of those things.テつ It's just every year we're going to play a different golf course, a different U.S. Open venue.テつ So I've got to just come out and try to play it.テつ Obviously it beat me today.

Q.テつ If this is the old Tiger, what does that mean for everyone else?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Today he was just the old Tiger.テつ It's just one of those things.テつ He's won twice this year, so he's doing pretty good.

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