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June 13, 2012

Nicolas Mahut


N. MAHUT/A. Murray
6‑3, 6‑7, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You started so confidently.テつ Did you feel coming into the match that you thought you had a good chance today?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ No, I just tried to play from the first point till the end the same way:テつ playing my game, playing aggressive, don't think too much about the score.テつ I played really well today.テつ This is the key.
Him, he didn't serve very well.テつ Then I had some chances on his second serve.テつ After winning the first set, then I got more confident.

Q.テつ Do you think actually having a match before he starts is a distinct advantage?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ Of course it's a big advantage.テつ For him was his first match.テつ It's never easy to start on the grass when you played like two months on clay.テつ Then even if he had three or four practice days on the grass, it's not easy to start.
I had the play match yesterday and I played well yesterday, and I knew my game I was ready to compete again top player.
You know, after winning first set, for him it's not easy.テつ Even if he's world No. 4, it's not easy to come on centre court, everyone expecting him to win.テつ You know, it's not easy, even for him.

Q.テつ Is this one of your best wins?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ You know, my best win before was Nadal here on the same court, centre court.テつ So it's a lucky court for me.テつ (Smiling.)
Rafa was very good performance, but today beating Andy Murray here in Queen's, it's very special, but it's only second round.

Q.テつ He seemed to think it was a bit slippery.テつ Was it?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ Yeah, it was very slippery.テつ But yesterday, as well, it was really slippery and I get used to it.テつ Was not easy, not easy to move on the court today.

Q.テつ Yet you play such a good grass court style.テつ You like to come in, you like to mix it up.テつ I mean, that is always going to be an advantage against someone who is complaining a little bit about the surface.テつ If you play with different styles, you're probably going to win more points than someone who is losing his footing and complaining a bit.
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ I don't know about the footwork.テつ I think, you know, mixing my game is a weapon on this surface, but not about the court if it's slippery or not, just because I think the opponent doesn't know if I come to the net or if I stay to the baseline, if I do serve and volley or come in after a forehand.
So I think it's not easy for my opponent when I play this way, especially against Andy.テつ Couldn't do too much serve and volley.テつ He's returning too good.
I just try to go for it every time I could.テつ Serve, and then if I have a forehand, go forward and come to the net.テつ That was the tactic today.

Q.テつ How much confidence did you derive from your performance at Roland Garros this year?テつ Although you lost that match in the end, but just the way you played.
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ Yeah, like I said yesterday, I had very good season so far.テつ I played well in Australia third round, I played well on clay French Open, third round again.
I won a lot of matches.テつ You know, I played like seven or eight times against top 10 players this year, and it helped me a lot for today.
Even if I lost the previous match, I knew‑‑ you know, we need to play more against the top player to get used to the level, to the atmosphere.テつ It's always special to play a player like him.
Today I think I was ready.テつ I played twice Roger this year, twice Berdych, Djokovic in Australia, and I think I was ready to win today.

Q.テつ Now people in England will know you for something other than the marathon match.
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ It's a good thing.テつ Maybe they will talk about this match for a while and not only about the Isner match.テつ I was the guy who lost this match, and I was the guy who lost in final here after getting match point.テつ So for once, I'm the one who won the match, and it's a difference to me.

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