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June 13, 2012

Shane Battier


Q.  Your first Finals game, looking back almost 24 hours later, what was it like?
SHANE BATTIER:  It was fun.  It was fun.  It was such a great atmosphere and obviously a lot of hoopla around it.  But once the game started, it was like any other playoff game, intense and passionate.

Q.  The NBA Finals means something to everybody here in uniform, but to somebody in your situation, does it mean a little more to you?
SHANE BATTIER:  You know, I think I'm too close to the situation right now to really appreciate it.  I'm trying to win a game, and my preparation is so focused on winning the game and the next game.  So I don't have historical perspective right now.  The thing that I think about is where I see The Finals logo on the floor, I just remember back when the NBA used to be on CBS, and when I see the cursive of the Finals writing, I think about how they used to have a little quill, and they wrote "The Finals" when it was on CBS, and watching the old Celtics teams and the old Pistons teams.  That's probably the most nostalgic moment I've had.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
SHANE BATTIER:  Well, we hope so.  The thing about the Playoffs, you have to build.  You have to build every quarter, every game, every half, just get better, and every minute that goes on you understand who your opponent is, you understand what your opponent is not, and I think our success has come from getting better in every series.  Games 4, 5 and 6 really have a great pulse of who we're playing.  So I expect we'll do things better in Game 2.

Q.  After watching tapes and knowing how good Westbrook and Durant were at the end of that game and watching these films, what do you do different to slow them down?
SHANE BATTIER:  Well, you take away their relief baskets, their easy buckets, and we can do that just by running better offense and better shot selection, taking care of the ball.  You know, when they score 10 points each in transition, the basket looks a lot bigger.  So we want to make them grind and make them beat us in a half‑court situation.

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